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What Is Ecommerce Marketing?

Shopify defines ecommerce marketing as the practice of using promotional tactics to drive traffic to your online store, converting that traffic into paying customers, and retaining those customers post-purchase. 

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The Ultimate Guide to Ecommerce Marketing

Ecommerce marketing is essential for the growth of your ecommerce business. This guide explains what ecommerce marketing is, why it is so important, and how to build and implement a successful ecommerce marketing strategy.

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How Does Ecommerce Marketing Affect You?

Ecommerce marketing is all about getting the attention of online buyers. No matter what share of the online market you're targeting, it's imperative to establish a strong online presence and reach your customers.

Ecommerce Opportunities

In the last decade, ecommerce growth has resulted in a $3.5 trillion dollar industry. Industry growth is projected to continue upwards, driving even more revenue. The opportunities for businesses are big if that business can build a brand, reach potential customers, and build a strong relationship with those customers.

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[Guide] The Retail Apocalypse: The Future of Ecommerce

From health and safety concerns to simple convenience, customers are abandoning brick-and-mortar stores for online retailers. Discover why adapting to the ecommerce boom is all about survival.

The Ultimate Guide to Ecommerce Marketing

Learn more about how important your website and user experience are when it comes to attracting and engaging potential customers.

Ecommerce Threats

Ecommerce is a lifeline for retailers struggling to survive and thrive. But while ecommerce brings new opportunities, it also brings new threats.

The ecommerce market is vast, and the challenges online retailers face include everything from greater competition making it difficult to capture the attention of potential customers, to combatting online fraud and digital threats to revenue.

Some resource that may be useful to you when it comes to understanding these threats include:

[Blog] How Much Revenue are You Losing to Coupon Extensions?

Coupon extensions like Honey and Capital One Shopping are popular with online shoppers, but they have a big impact on online retailers. Learn more about how much coupon extensions are costing online retailers.

[Blog] What is Influencer Fraud (And How Can You Avoid It)?

Influencer marketing is the endorsement of a product or service by a third party, and it can be highly effective. Unfortunately, the rise of influencer marketing has also given rise to influencer fraud. Find out how to identify and avoid influencer fraud.

Ecommerce Marketing Strategy

The opportunities that ecommerce offers retailers, as well as the threats to retail sales, are both very much dependent on a strong ecommerce marketing strategy.

Online retailers that develop and execute a strong ecommerce marketing strategy have a greater chance of benefiting from the opportunities and combatting the threats they face.

Discover some resources to help you develop your ecommerce marketing strategy:

[Blog] The Biggest Problems with Ecommerce Attribution

Reaching potential ecommerce customers and building your brand in a competitive landscape depends heavily on digital marketing.  Find out how to evaluate ecommerce marketing efforts for greater ROI.

[Blog] 10 Important Ecommerce Marketing KPIs to Track

While an ecommerce marketing strategy is the first step to your online retail business growth, tracking the impact of your ecommerce marketing efforts closes the loop. Find out what KPIs you should be tracking to understand the impact these efforts have on your business. 

Ecommerce Marketing Strategies

Ecommerce is a growing industry that is continuously evolving, meaning ecommerce marketing strategies must adapt and change too. Building and implementing a successful ecommerce marketing strategy will have a significant impact on the success of your online retail business.

Building Your Ecommerce Strategy

An Ecommerce strategy is essential when growing your online retail business. To develop an effective ecommerce business strategy, you need to start by understanding a few key things.

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Thriving in the Wake of the Retail Apocalypse

The future of retail is a landscape where buyers and businesses can build real relationships, engage digitally, and create a thriving retail ecosystem.

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Build Your Online Coupon Strategy

Individual ecommerce merchants can benefit from online bargain hunters by proactively putting in place a sound coupon strategy.

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Ecommerce Analytics and KPIs

While a  strong ecommerce marketing strategy lays the groundwork for your online retail business, understanding the impact of that strategy is how online retailers make informed business decisions that support growth.

ecommerce marketing benchmark analytics

Benchmarks Analytics in Ecommerce for Marketing

Many ecommerce marketing benchmarks will affect your bottom line. Get an overview of the benchmarks to look for in your analytics.

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ecommerce KPIs

11 Important Web Analytics: Ecommerce and KPIs

Site health and performance have a massive impact on your bottom line. Discover some of the most important KPIs to track.

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Ecommerce Analytics Tools

Great ecommerce analytics tools pull from multiple sources and deliver actionable data. Learn more about some of our favorites.

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coupon extension analytics

Advanced Analytics for Ecommerce: Tracking Coupon Extension Metrics

What metrics should you be keeping track of in order to understand the effects coupon extensions are having on your revenue and margins?

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Coupon Extensions and Ecommerce Marketing

There are various methods on the market for combatting malvertising. Understanding the differences between the options, and comparing how they work, can help you select the right approach for your needs.

How Do Coupon Extensions Work: A Primer for Ecommerce Merchants

Coupon extensions are browser extensions that buyers can install in their web browsers (ex. Google Chrome) that allow them to discover and automatically apply coupons in shopping carts on ecommerce websites. And they have a real impact on your revenue.

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How Coupon Extensions Allow for Unauthorized Coupon Usage on Ecommerce Sites

Coupon extensions allow users access to coupons they should never be authorized to use in the first place. In this post, we walk through a few examples of what can happen when a coupon extension interacts with your checkout process.

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How a Coupon Extension Gave Me 100% Off My Purchase (and What We're Doing to Stop It From Ever Happening Again)

Discover the eye-opening story of how an actual ecommerce marketer experienced first-hand the effects of coupon extensions on a sale... from the shopper's perspective. 

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How to Effectively Block Coupon Extensions Like Honey

If you've been experiencing slipping margins, you may want to examine whether coupon extensions are part of the problem. The good news is, there is a solution for the coupon extension problem.

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Ecommerce Statistics and Data

Are statistics and data about ecommerce marketing exciting to you? (Us too!) Let's get nerdy together!

ecommerce marketing statistics

40 Ecommerce Marketing Statistics to Know About

Analysts project that the ecommerce industry will be worth over 6.5 trillion dollars by 2022. Here are some more statistics that will help inform your ecommerce marketing strategy.

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 10 Important Ecommerce Marketing KPIs to Track

For ecommerce merchants, key performance indicators (KPIs) are vitally important to fully understand the state of your business, and the success of the tactics you choose to implement.  Find out which ecommerce marketing KPIs to track

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changes in buying behavior impact ecommerce marketing

Shifts in Holiday Buying Behavior Fuel Changes in Ad Spending Patterns 

The 2020 holiday season was different for many reasons. Changes in buying behavior meant changes in ecommerce marketing. Here's what we learned.

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Common Ecommerce Marketing FAQs

cleanCART for Ecommerce

coupon extension blocking

Block Coupon Extensions

Stop losing sales revenue to coupon extensions that enable unauthorized coupon codes on your site 

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cleancart analytics

Data and Analytics

Access detailed analytics to help you quantify the economic damage unauthorized coupon codes cause to your business.

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blocking coupons

Own The Shopping Experience

Allow users to experience your website, your way. Shoppers have access only to type in the authorized coupon codes they've earned. 

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