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PubPlus Eliminates 3% Gross Monthly Revenue Loss Due to Malvertising

Pub Plus went live with in late May 2019, immediately prior to the attacks on Memorial Day weekend. During their free trial, PubPlus conducted A/B testing of across multiple sites – with the key goals of measuring effectiveness, and quantifying potential revenue loss if the websites would not be protected in the best way. The results were impressive.

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Learn how PubPlus used to alleviate major problems like:

  • 3% monthly revenue loss due to malvertising
  • 50% reduction in pageviews during malvertising attacks

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Learn How cleanAD Completely Eliminated Malicious Redirects, Freeing up 60 Hours of AdOps Efforts per Week, for Venatus Media

Learn how cleanAD made malicious redirect attacks a problem of the past for the Venatus Media team.

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Learn how Venatus was able to:

  • Save 60 hours of AdOps effort per week
  • Eliminate all customer tickets
  • Repair damaged publisher relationships

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How Curiosity Media Solved Troubling Mobile Redirect Issues for

Learn more about how the lean Curiosity Media team was able to remove pesky redirects and free up resources for more strategic activities.

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Learn how Curiosity Media was able to:

  • Solve redirects with no reduction in ad revenue
  • Find a solution that was low maintenance
  • Increase page views per user by 80% in conjunction with content initiatives

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Top 5 Re-establishes Trust With Visitors After Malvertising Hijacked User Experiences

Implementing cleanAD provided Top 5 with ad redirect protection that stabilized the site and re-established trust with visitors.

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Learn how Top5 was able to:

  • Remedy monetary losses from malvertising
  • Remove the need for manual monitoring for bad ads
  • Protect their entire ad stack

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VPP Gaming Network Rebuilds Reputation After Losing 46.4% Player Reach Due To Malicious Ad Attacks

The VPP Gaming Network is an ad platform for video games with half a million regular users and 500 million impressions. The company’s unique approach maximizes exposure and ad income for its more than 300 publishers. Read on to learn how cleanAD provided the layer of protection VPP Gaming Network needed to restore developers’ confidence, return to steady growth and secure revenue.

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Learn how VPP used cleanAD to alleviate major problems like:

  • Bad Ads
  • Player complaints
  • Frustrated game developers
  • Drop in players from 1.5M players to 800K.

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After a wave of malicious redirect attacks STEP Network is now protecting its entire publisher network from Malvertising.

STEP Network is one of the largest digital advertising networks in the Nordics, ranging from National news sites to small niche sites and classifieds. STEP operates more than 225,000,000 page views per month and reaches +80% of the Danish internet population. Read the case study to find out how STEP Network went from a wave of malicious redirect attacks that caused them to disable more than half of the company's ads, to protecting their entire publisher network from malvertising.

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Learn how STEP Network relies on cleanAD to:

  • Enable the team to resume 100% normal ad operations
  • Grow from from a single website to a thriving publisher network of approximately 80 websites
  • Protect their publisher network from malvertising

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With cleanAD, System1 gained an anti-malvertising solution that sticks it to the Bad Guys.

System1’s publishing team operates a diverse portfolio of digital properties, including and They knew they needed an anti-malvertising product for display advertising. Find out how cleanAD provided a solution that keeps users safe AND recovers revenue when blocking bad ads.

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Find out how cleanAD has helped System1:

  • Solve malvertising problems without any extra work from their team
  • Hold the bad guys accountable to pay for the inventory they claim

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