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The Most Effective Way to Stop Malvertising at the Source

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The Most Effective

Stop relying on tracking previous bad actors or using a pre-scanning environment for detecting malicious activity. Behavioral analysis tools are more effective at detecting malicious advertising in realtime and preventing users from being affected.

Powerful Data

As a Platform, you'll have access to robust data so you can comprehensively understand all attempted threats from all buyers on your platform. Real-time actionable data gives you the tools you need to hold your buyers accountable.

Full Forensic Details

Get access to offensive creative reports which provide complete forensic details of every malicious attack attempt, or download "lite" versions within the dashboard.

Fewer False Positives

Because we wait and block malicious code only when it begins to trigger, there is a lower risk of false positives.

Detect Novel Threats

Behavioral analysis allows to prevent new attack attempts and novel threats in real time even if we haven't seen them before.


Our software runs in realtime, and doesn’t rely on searching a large blocklist so there are no impacts on speed for the user.

Catch Cloaking Attacks

Catch and block attacks that use the dynamic creative features on platforms to hide their malicious code.

cleanAD identifies malicious JavaScript in realtime, before the page is hijacked, blocks it and provides you all the details on how the attack was attempted.

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Not all solutions are created equal.

Understanding when different solutions attempt to block malvertising is key to comparing effectiveness.

Step 1

Campaign Preparation

Bad actor sets up a malvertising campaign through DSP.

Step 2

Creative Submission

Bad actor submits their campaign for creative review.

Block Attempt


DSP and SSP Pre-Scanning Tools attempt to check for malicious activity at this step. Bad actors can check for scanning environments and hide malicious activity.

Step 3

Campaign Launch

Bad actor's campaign is launched and begins running.

Block Attempt

Blocklist Solutions

Blocklists try to catch known bad actors at this stage. These tools require checking a long list of known bad actors and can introduce latency.

Step 4

Creative Renders

Ad creative renders on the publisher site, and malvertiser pays SSP for the impression. (1)-1
Effective Block


cleanAD uses behavioral analysis to recognize and block code as it begins to attempt to execute malicious activity on the publisher site.

Data Delivery 

Removal at the Source

cleanAD provides the data needed to stop attacks at the source. SSP can now remove malvertiser from the platform.

Success Stories

“By combining our proprietary tools and processes with those of cleanAD, Xandr is well-positioned to lead a change in the economic incentives associated with malvertising and, as a result, preserve and protect the consumer experience.”

Paul Bofkin
VP, Product Management, Xandr

Platforms that Trust cleanAD

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Installation is simple and quick, making getting your testing phase started a breeze. And, you'll have a dedicated client success partner, as well as full access to on-boarding and training materials.

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