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The Most Effective Approach

for Blocking Malicious Ads

cleanAD analyzes the behavior of every action, on every page, across all devices for malicious activity and eliminates threats in real-time.

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What makes our approach different?

The Old Way

Current methods rely on pre-scanning in a sandbox environment, or checking blocklists to try and catch bad actors before allowing code to run in a real environment.
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Less Effective

Bad actors have methods for detecting scanning environments and evading blocklists.

Higher Latency

Checking lengthy blocklists introduces latency that could effect user experience.

Can Only Catch Known Threats

Because these tools are relying on previously exhibited bad behavior, they can't catch new types of threats on the fly.

Higher False Positives & Negatives

This means both missing attacks that are malicious and incorrectly blocking legitimate revenue generating executions.

Limited Reporting on Threats

Most of the time all you know is that an attack attempt was labeled as threat, but not much more.

The New Way

cleanAD works in realtime to catch malicious code as it is executing on a real device, for real users. This means that malicious code is caught before it impacts the user.
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More Effective

Because cleanAD is allowing code to run until it begins to exhibit malicious activity, bad actors can't evade it.

No Performance Hits

Realtime behavioral analysis causes no noticeable change in speed to users, thus preserving user experience.

Can Catch Novel Threats

cleanAD is able to catch never-before-seen threats because we are examining code for malicious triggers in realtime.

Fewer False Positives & Negatives

More accurate capturing of attacks, keeping your platform or property's reputation intact without costing you legitimate revenue.

Full Forensic Details

cleanAD can provide a full “smoking gun” forensic report detailing the activity of every malicious attack attempt.

"Choosing was one of the best investments we ever made for overall user experience."

"We were constantly dealing with unhappy readers who were frustrated with redirects, but all of that disappeared once we began using cleanAD. Getting up and running was quick and easy, and maintenance is almost non-existant. What's more, cleanAD gives us the confidence to test new demands quickly and more efficiently, since we know we are completely protected."


Vince Banks
SVP of Revenue Operations, 101 Network


Know You are Protected

Detecting in realtime, and behaviorally analyzing code for malicious activity triggers is the most effective method for catching malicious code and preventing users from being affected.


Set it and Forget it

A solution that truly does the work for you. Turn it on and let the blocking begin.
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Easy to Use

A simple and intuitive platform, installation that isn't a bear, a dedicated client success manager and a responsive support team. What more could you ask for?
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“Simply put, others just aren’t doing what cleanAD is doing. Their truly unique solution is simple to integrate but helps to solve a big problem in the ecosystem. They’re built to win on a global scale.”

Erik Requidan
CEO, Media Tradecraft

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