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Protect your margins.

Mitigate the negative effects extensions like Honey, Wikibuy, Piggy, and more have on your profits.

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How cleanCART protects your margins.

Block Coupon Extensions with cleanCART

Stop extensions like Honey from enabling unauthorized coupon codes on your site. You'll be able to recognize when visitors are using a coupon extension, which extensions they are using, and stop them from reducing purchase value without interrupting the user experience.

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How Coupon Extensions Source Unauthorized Coupons

Limited Use Coupons

If you offer a special promo code to users for completing a specific action (say signing up for your newsletter), coupon extensions can allow anyone (even people who didn't sign up) to use that coupon code.

Affiliate Coupons

If you create a specialized code for a partner or affiliate marketing campaign, coupon extensions can allow anyone to use the code, messing with your revenue and reporting.

Customer Reward Coupons

If you create discounts for returning customers or offer promotions for special events (like birthdays), coupon extensions can allow anyone (even non-customers) to access those discounts.

You Own the Shopping Experience

Users will experience your website, your way. They will simply have access only to type in the authorized coupon codes they've earned. When there are no coupons they'd be authorized to use, they will have the same shopping experience as if the coupon extension found no better offers available.


Data and Analytics

You'll have access to detailed analytics to help you quantify the economic damage unauthorized coupon codes cause to your business, including where and how this damage is occurring.


Made to Fit Your Needs

Privacy Friendly

Minimal data collection footprint. No PII, cookie or sensitive information collection.

Minimal Latency

Imperceptible impact to site speed helps maintain your conversion rates.

Low Maintenance

Set-it-and-forget-it functionality means zero ongoing maintenance.

Real Time

Blocks unauthorized coupons in real-time to recover profits without requiring merchants to take further action. Just set it and forget it!

Comprehensive Protection

Blocks the most used coupon extensions on the market.


New coupon extensions are added as they pop up, meaning your site will stay protected.

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