Get attribution data you can *really* trust with cleanCART

Coupon browser extensions like Honey and CapitalOne Shopping:

→ Make it near-impossible to use coupon codes for marketing attribution
→ Falsely claim credit for sales they didn't drive
→ Eliminate your ability to control your own discount strategy


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ben-knox-dark-bknd"Honey and other deal sites and discount extensions have made it near impossible for us to trust attribution for our marketing spend. They decrease our profit margins while providing no value in referring traffic or building our brand.”

→ Ben Knox, SVP at Super Coffee


Get Marketing Attribution Data You Can *Actually* Trust


How can you make informed strategic decisions when you're relying on bad data?

Coupon codes that are picked up by browser extensions will have you incorrectly attributing success to marketing efforts tied to those codes.

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Stop Overpaying Coupon Affiliates for Sales They Didn't Drive

Coupon extensions claim credit for sales they didn't influence...

And you are paying for it.

Honey and other coupon extensions claim credit for sales that come from other channels, collecting affiliate fees from you that they don't deserve.


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Reclaim Control of Your Discount Strategy



Coupon extensions hijack your discount strategies before they even get off the ground.

Running custom codes for affiliates or ambassadors? Creating discount codes for physical mailers?

When extensions like Honey or CapitalOne Shopping pick up these codes, your strategy is dead in the water.


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Caraway Home Case Study

Learn how Caraway Home increased Average Order Value by 5.6% and solved attribution errors with cleanCART.

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“With cleanCART, we can prioritize and maintain our aggressive topline goals, while also ensuring that our marketing dollars are generating the kind of ROI that allows us to maintain first-purchase profitability.”

→ Josh Knopman, Caraway Home

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