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cleanAD is a unique cybersecurity solution that is able to detect and stop malicious third party code in real-time, on client-side.

Our approach is entirely different.

The Traditional Way

Traditional methods rely on pre-scanning in a sandbox environment, or checking blocklists to try and catch bad actors before allowing code to run in a real environment.

Doesn't negatively affect malvertiser ROI.
 Can't catch new or novel attacks.
Integration requires more effort and maintenance.

Bottom line: You spend your time chasing redirects, fielding complaints from unhappy users, and malvertisers keep outsmarting your barriers.

The More Effective Way works in real-time to catch malicious code as it is executing on a real device, for real users. This means that malicious code is caught before it impacts the user.

Make malvertisers pay for every impression.
Stop spending time chasing redirects.
 Page-level integration is simple and quick.

Bottom line: You preserve user experience, don't sacrifice any of your revenue to malvertisers, and they actually quit targeting you.

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Our Customers
“By combining our proprietary tools and processes with those of, Xandr is well-positioned to lead a change in the economic incentives associated with malvertising and, as a result, preserve and protect the consumer experience.”

Steve Truxal
VP, Product Management, Xandr

“Simply put, others just aren’t doing what is doing. Their truly unique solution is simple to integrate but helps to solve a big problem in the ecosystem. They’re built to win on a global scale.”

Erik Requidan
CEO, Media Tradecraft

"Choosing was one of the best investments we ever made for overall user experience. We were regularly dealing with unhappy readers who were frustrated with redirects, but all of that disappeared once we began using Getting up and running was quick and easy, and maintenance is almost non-existent. "

Vince Banks
SVP of Revenue Operations, 101 Network

Solutions built for the way malvertising affects you.


  • Block malicious ads, while still making malvertisers pay for impressions.
  • Make it unprofitable to target your site.
  • Protect your user experience.
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  • Catch novel attacks and stop malvertising at the source.
  • Get the detailed threat-level data you need.
  • Trusted by some of the largest SSPs.
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Effective. Smart. Simple.

We believe it is possible to preserve both your user experience and your revenue. And, we believe you deserve solutions that are both incredibly effective and easy to use.

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