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VPP Gaming Network Rebuilds Reputation After Losing 46.4% Player Reach Due To Malicious Ads

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About VPP Gaming Network



The VPP Gaming Network is an ad platform for video games with half a million regular users and 500 million impressions. The company’s unique approach maximizes exposure and ad income for its more than 300 publishers. 

Of course, they are also a prime target for cyberattacks, particularly malvertising attacks. Recently, VPP found itself in a situation where players were complaining to developers about forced redirect ads in increasing numbers, and VPP started losing revenue as game developers began removing VPP’s ads from their games.

Once VPP Gaming Network found, the game (see what we did there?) changed.

Read on to learn how cleanAD provided the layer of protection VPP Gaming Network needed to restore developers’ confidence, return to steady growth and secure revenue.

The Highlights

The VPP Gaming Network works to provide the best in-game advertising opportunities and generate more revenue for game developers. The company exists on the cutting edge of technology and offers a best in class game server and advertising content. VPP’s credibility is reinforced with a 2500 Alexa ranking and over 50 million page views a month.

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CEO of Elocast and founder of the VPP Gaming Network, Toan Nguyen, describes the challenges the company was facing:

  • Player complaints
  • Bad ads
  • Removed ads
  • Numerous attempted (failed) solutions
  • Frustrated game developers

As a result of these challenges, VPP’s reach dropped from 1.5M players to 800K

Solution takes a behavioral approach to stopping malvertisers in their tracks. When cleanAD was put in place, the code and cyberattacks being levied against the VPP Gaming Network were immediately and effectively halted. After an easy setup, the malicious ads were automatically blocked, which immediately stopped any new complaints and ensured that any future attacks would be blocked on a continuing basis.


Since using’s cleanAD solution, the VPP Gaming Network has recovered its reputation and player complaints have subsided. No news is good news, in terms of complaints, and ever since the first two weeks of the trial with began, VPP Gaming Network is glad to report all is quiet on the player front.

The Challenges

The team at the VPP Gaming Network are experienced and once the issues with malicious ads were identified, they listened to developer and player complaints and quickly launched an offensive. The company’s first move was to put in place well-known, available tools.

Over the course of the first six months, VPP continued to get removed from games by developers due to malicious ads in the network. In response, another attempt was made, this time with the goal of finding the offending ad providers and kicking them out of the network. 

VPP Gaming Network’s team stayed up 24/7 across three shifts, trying to hunt down and find malicious ads manually. However, once hit, they were often powerless to undo the damage.

During this time, the company’s customer engagement steadily decreased, with incalculable losses in terms of player count and with game developers. Some of this was not recoverable.

That all changed when came into the picture.

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“We tried tools like Confiant, and while Confiant has a system to block malicious ads (and provide insight into active threats), it didn’t work for our needs.” 
- Toan Nguyen, founder of the VPP Gaming Network

Bringing In An Anti-Malvertising Solution

The VPP Gaming Network launched cleanAD in a free trial and quickly saw that it offered protection from every type of malvertising attack. With a single line of code, the team at VPP Gaming Network immediately benefited from cleanAD’s sophisticated methods for malicious ad detection and blocking.

What makes cleanAD unique is that it counteracts malicious code as it is happening using behavioral analysis. This approach protects end users and makes malicious efforts unprofitable for bad actors, to the point that they will stop targeting your property altogether. This is the fortress built around the VPP Gaming Network.

“We heard of and thought, ‘we’ll give it a try.’ We contacted Matt and set up the free trial. The pricing is good, too. Within two weeks, we didn’t get any complaints. Even now, a year later, we don’t have to worry about what’s going on or have people complaining or leaving our site because they have bad ads.”

- Toan Nguyen, founder of the VPP Gaming Network
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The Results

Since using’s cleanAD solution, the VPP Gaming Network has recovered its reputation and player complaints have subsided. No news is good news, in terms of complaints, and ever since the first two weeks of the trial with began, VPP Gaming Network is glad to report all is quiet on the player front.

Because literally cleaned up the VPP Gaming Network (and keeps it that way), new developer relationships can now be formed and having a two year history of serving healthy ads has paved the way to recovery from VPP’s season of insecurity. 

Now, the VPP Gaming Network is regaining followers and continuing to serve their clients with powerful, strategic in-game ads that generate the right revenue -- and all of this is done in a secure way with minimal risk, thanks to cleanAD. Mitigate Risk and Increase Security is committed to providing our customers with the confidence that the ads they serve will be free of malicious code, redirects and malware. There are now numerous industries that provide ads and ad support, and all of these are prime targets for cyberattacks. Not having the right anti-malware and cybersecurity measures in place can be a death blow to your reputation and bottom line.

Don’t take that chance. When malvertising is hijacking your platform, cleanAD helps you take back control. Contact to get your own free trial and see the difference cleanAD can make.

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