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How System1 Sticks It to Malvertisers With cleanAD

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About System1

System1’s publishing team operates a diverse portfolio of digital properties, including and

They strive to deliver delightful content experiences focused on health, wellness, education, travel, local listings, finance, auto and entertainment.

System1 and CleanAD

The Problem

Solving Malvertising the “Traditional” Way

System1 has always been well aware of how widely malvertising plagues the digital advertising industry and the need to keep it at bay for users. For this reason, the team at System1 never struggled with the decision of whether or not to use an anti-malvertising product for display advertising. 

Instead, the challenge was finding a solution that balanced user safety, yield recovery and site performance. Most of the products on the market block malicious ads, but in doing so, also block the publisher’s ability to generate revenue for those impressions.

The Goal

Stopping Malvertising Without Sacrificing Revenue

What System1’s publishing team really wanted was a tool that would keep users safe but also recover revenue when blocking bad ads. This is exactly how they landed on cleanAD as a solution.

The best part about cleanAD is it holds the bad guys accountable to pay for the inventory they claim, whereas for other solutions, that revenue may be lost by blocking.,” stated Lila Hunt, Head of Digital Ad Strategy at System1.

cleanAD satisfied all of the requirements that System1 needed from an anti-malvertising provider, and when comparing the costs and benefits of various industry offerings, cleanAD was the clear winner.

Unlike other anti-malvertising solutions, System1’s publishing team doesn’t categorize cleanAD as a cost center, but rather an important tool for revenue preservation.

Sticking It to the Bad Guys

For the System1 publishing team, an unexpected benefit of using cleanAD is knowing that they're doing their part to make malvertisers’ efforts less effective by decreasing their campaign ROI.

“I love sticking it to the bad guys. cleanAD forces malvertisers to pay for their ads, and they get no return for their efforts. I feel vindicated knowing their campaigns perform worse as a result of the tools we have in place," stated Lila. 

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Set It and Forget It

One of the most important benefits that System1’s busy publishing team gets from cleanAD is that it truly is a “set it and forget it” solution. Since installing cleanAD, the System1 team has rarely, if at all, had to think about malicious redirects.

“It is truly great. I don’t have to worry about malvertising at all. It's rare to find a vendor where every conversation delivers such consistently positive results, but cleanAD absolutely provides great protection and valuable insights about malvertising activity on our sites," stated Lila. 

The Relationship With

While cleanAD’s set it and forget it solution might make it seem as though regular communication with the team wouldn’t be needed, it has actually been one of the most important benefits System1 has found from working with

For the System1 team, has set a new bar for what they expect from their partners and solution providers.

The cleanAD solution has helped to solve malvertising problems and doles out justice to the bad guys, which is just the cherry on top of an already great relationship.

Satisfied all requirements that System1 needed from an anti-malvertising provider
Service satisfaction
"Time and time again, I’ve come to with problems we were having outside of malvertising and they have always worked with me to come up with creative and strategic solutions beyond their core offering. The level of service they provide is incredible.

Lila Hunt
Head of Digital Ad Strategy, System1

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