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Malvertising: What You Need to Know to Prevent It

Malvertising poses a real risk to publishers and platforms alike. This guide explains what malvertising is, what forms it takes, the extent of the risk, and how to prevent it.

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SMART Report

Every quarter we release a report summarizing malvertising activity and threat data. Browse all past reports, or take a look at the most recent.

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The Retail Apocalypse: The Future of Ecommerce

The retail apocalypse is here and as a result there has been an uptick in eCommerce launches. If the future of retail is in eCommerce what can we learn from the fall of the brick and mortar to protect the future of eCommerce?

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VPP Gaming Network Malvertising Case Study

Learn how VPP Gaming Network Rebuilt their reputation after losing 46.4% player reach due to malicious ad attacks.

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PubPlus Malvertising Case Study

Learn how PubPlus eliminated a 3% gross monthly revenue loss due to malvertising.

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Webinar: Is Your Malvertising Prevention Strategy Working?

Learn more about what is and isn't working about your current anti-malvertising strategy.

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Venatus Malvertising Case Study

Learn how cleanAD completely eliminated malicious redirects, freeing up 60 hours of AdOps efforts per week, for Venatus Media.

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