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Malvertising: What You Need to Know to Prevent It

Malvertising poses a real risk to publishers and platforms alike. This guide explains what malvertising is, what forms it takes, the extent of the risk, and how to prevent it.

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SMART Report

Every quarter we release a report summarizing malvertising activity and threat data. Browse all past reports, or take a look at the most recent.

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Blocking Coupon Extensions & The Impact on Merchant Revenues

New data from A/B tests on ecommerce websites reveals that online retailers are losing roughly $1.6 billion dollars in revenue to coupon extensions like Honey.

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The Retail Apocalypse: The Future of Ecommerce

The retail apocalypse is here and as a result there has been an uptick in eCommerce launches. If the future of retail is in eCommerce what can we learn from the fall of the brick and mortar to protect the future of eCommerce?

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VPP Gaming Network Malvertising Case Study

Learn how VPP Gaming Network Rebuilt their reputation after losing 46.4% player reach due to malicious ad attacks.

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PubPlus Malvertising Case Study

Learn how PubPlus eliminated a 3% gross monthly revenue loss due to malvertising.

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Webinar: Is Your Malvertising Prevention Strategy Working?

Learn more about what is and isn't working about your current anti-malvertising strategy.

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Venatus Malvertising Case Study

Learn how cleanAD completely eliminated malicious redirects, freeing up 60 hours of AdOps efforts per week, for Venatus Media.

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The Ultimate Guide to Ecommerce Marketing

A complete guide focused on the explosive expansion of ecommerce businesses. Learn about ecommerce stores, marketing strategies, KPIs and more.

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Curiosity Media Case Study

Learn how Curiosity Media solved troubling mobile redirect issues for

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Get the Low Down on cleanAD

cleanAD's behavioral approach to identifying and blocking malicious ads is the most effective approach to stopping malvertising — and now you can experience it in action.

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What is Malvertising Redirect 10, 20, 21, etc.?

Malvertising Redirect codes are codes emitted from the antivirus software on a user's device. Use this page to receive help when faced with a malicious ad.

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The Complete Ecommerce Marketing Resource Center

A collection of ecommerce marketing resources all in one place. Find out everything you need to know about ecommerce and the marketing that drives it.

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book-mockup-AdOpsEverything You Ever Wanted to Know About AdOps (and Probably More)

Looking to know more about AdOps? Look no further than this guide. We interviewed upwards of 8 different industry veterans to give you the AdOps team structure and tactical problem solving lowdown.

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Building Your Ecommerce Strategy

All of the insight, components, and action items that make an ecommerce business strategy work (and generate real revenue for your business).

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System1 Case Study

System1 Case Study

Find out how System1 stopped Malvertising without sacrificing revenue and was able to stick it to Malvertisers in the process.

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STEP Network Case Study

STEP Network Case Study

Discover how STEP Network went from a wave of malicious redirect attacks that caused the company’s AdOps team to disable more than half of its advertisements, to protecting its entire publisher network from Malvertising.

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ROAD iD Case Study

The team at ROAD iD was struggling with revenue loss due to ecommerce coupon extensions. With the help of cleanCART, they not only eliminated revenue loss but were able to scale their ambassador program too.

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factinate case study

Factinate Case Study

Malvertising caused Factinate's session length to be cut in half, viewability rates to drop, and CPMs to plummet. Find out how cleanAD solved the problem without sacrificing revenue.

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hygge and west case study

Hygge & West Case Study

Hygge & West realized they had a coupon extension problem when they noticed that marketing campaign coupon codes were being used by individuals incorrectly. Find out how cleanCART stopped the problem at the source.

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Browser Coupon Extensions:
How much are they REALLY costing you? 

Ecommerce retailers assume coupon extensions are good for business but may not know they're bleeding margins because of one simple problem. Learn more.

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