Q1 2021 Malvertising & Identity Insights

In this 20 minute on demand webinar, clean.io reveals new research from the Q1 2021 SMART Report on malvertising threat levels and attack trends sourced via data from more than 7 million websites. We're joined by Len Ostroff, SVP Global Supply and Partnerships at Criteo, who shares his perspective on the future of identity in the programmatic advertising industry.

Watch the webinar now to learn how bad actors have gotten more deceptive and get details on:

  • The emergence of cloaking as an attack type
  • How bad actors are getting more sophisticated in their approaches
  • Why the supply path is the key to stopping malvertising
  • The strategies malvertisers are using to evade detection and stay under the radar

In addition, hear what Len Ostroff has to say about:

  • Why the advertising value exchange is broken
  • The 3 approaches to audience identification in a post-cookie world
  • The rapidly shifting landscape of identity and what publishers should be thinking about as Google prepares to drop third party cookies.

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Q1 2021 Smart Report

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