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Q3 2021

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In Q3 2021, malvertisers continued their time-honored tradition of modifying existing attacks and testing entirely new attacks in their efforts to evade detection.

This quarter, we saw them lean more heavily into the use of malicious landing pages and non-redirect style attacks.

In addition, we have new data this quarter which has allowed us to compare how different classes of anti-malvertising tools fared against various attack types, providing valuable data for publishers to understand how they can best protect themselves and their users against these novel threats.

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What you'll find in this report:

  • Q2 2021 Threat Level
  • Threat Level Changes by Country
  • Threat Level by Device Type
  • Attacks by Device Type
  • Attacks by Browser
  • Social Media Browser Attacks
  • SSP Attack Targeting

Read the Q3 2021 Report

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