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smart report q2 2021
Q2 2021

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Variety was the name of the game when it came to malicious ad activity in Q2 2021.

With more publishers using anti-malvertising software to detect and prevent classic redirect attacks, malvertisers found creative ways to evade detection by varying the methods of their attacks, increasing the number of unique mutations they use, and quickly iterating to stay one step ahead of blocklisting tools.

The data included in this report is collected through behavioral analysis of tens of billions of impressions each month, in real time, on over 8 million websites and apps.

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What you'll find in this report:

  • Q2 2021 Threat Level
  • Threat Level Changes by Country
  • Threat Level by Device Type
  • Attacks by Device Type
  • Attacks by Browser
  • Social Media Browser Attacks
  • SSP Attack Targeting

Read the Q2 2021 Report

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