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Learn How cleanAD Completely Eliminated Malicious Redirects, Freeing up 60 Hours of AdOps Efforts per Week, for Venatus Media

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About Venatus

Venatus is a fast growing ad technology platform focused entirely on gaming and entertainment. The company works with many of the largest advertisers in the world to engage with gamers to drive ROI and create brand awareness. Their belief that everybody games—men, women, the young and old alike—and their platform approach, enables customers to target this audience at scale. 

Venatus exclusively manages ad sales for many of the largest gaming websites and apps in the world with a diverse mix of digital opportunities including display, video, brand solutions, and mobile. They serve the likes of EA, Rovio, and many other premium gaming sites.

Under Attack

In late 2019, Venatus found itself in a constant and persistent fight against malicious redirect attacks. The company’s AdOps team found itself spending nearly every weekend fighting an onslaught of malicious ads.


“It felt like we were playing a game of whack-a-mole. We spent half our time trying to detect and identify malicious actors and the other half communicating with publishers and working to repair relationships.”

Matt Cannon, COO, Venatus Media

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Because the Venatus system works as an abstraction between SSPs and publishers, they had to deal with any malicious creative that made it past the SSPs, but were still held responsible for the problems experienced by their publishers down the line.

venatus-diagram-1It got so bad that publishers would actively remove Venatus tags from their systems during large scale weekend attacks. And despite attempts from the Venatus team to go upstream and work with SSPs to fix the problem, they were unsuccessful.

In an effort to solve the problem, Venatus tried some of the major anti-malvertising tools on the market, but to no avail. The solutions they tried didn’t solve the problem, and the Venatus AdOps team was still spending too much time fielding complaints and the company’s publisher relationships continued to be damaged. 

At this point, it was clear that Venatus needed a more holistic solution.

cleanAD to the Rescue

In November 2019, Venatus began a free trial of cleanAD. To the team’s complete surprise, it was immediately as if the faucet of malicious activity had been turned off. 

The Venatus AdOps team went from fielding, on average, 10 to 25 complaints per week to none—overnight.


“The two things that really struck me about cleanAD were how easy it was to integrate into our stack, and how quickly and immediately it completely ended our battle with malicious redirects. It was truly a total solution, unlike the other products we tested.”

Matt Cannon, COO, Venatus Media


Prior to implementing cleanAD, Venatus had 3 team members who were spending at least 50% of their time either tracking down bad actors or dealing with frustrated publishers. Overnight, those team members suddenly had a clear schedule and were able to focus on revenue generating activities.


After having cleanAD running for about a year, the Venatus team has had only a single ticket submitted.


“The moment the cleanAD integration was complete, it was like a faucet had been turned off. There was not a drip left.”

Matt Cannon, COO, Venatus Media


An Unparalleled Partnership

Another important part of the relationship between Venatus and was the level of partnership between the companies.


“I’ve worked in digital for over 20 years now, and I’ve been through a lot of onboarding processes. I can tell you with certainty that the onboarding process with is unparalleled.”

Matt Cannon, COO, Venatus Media

Starting with the onboarding process, and continuing to this day, the client services team at was unlike anything Venatus had experienced before.


“It is clear as a customer that the team has our back, and they are always there when we need them. From the start of our free trial, it has never been a question.”

Matt Cannon, COO, Venatus Media

Rather than simply providing software, the team at works regularly with the AdOps team at Venatus to provide regular monthly reporting along with important insights to help them improve operations.

Taking Strategy to the Next Level

Today, the Venatus team will tell you that they have almost forgotten that malicious ads were ever a problem. As a result, the team is now able to focus on activities that are much more strategic and provide greater business growth.


“We don’t even talk about malicious redirects anymore. It is a problem that has simply been completely removed. It truly is a ‘set it and forget it’ solution.”

Matt Cannon, COO, Venatus Media

Beyond not having to think about redirects, the Venatus team has now incorporated the fact that they are protected by cleanAD into their value proposition to new publishers. As part of the services you get from Venatus, you are automatically protected from malicious redirects.

Publishers have responded positively to this message, and it has become something that differentiates Venatus from other solutions, often helping to win them new business.

“If malicious redirects or bad ads are a problem for you, then that problem is instantly solvable by implementing cleanAD. It is that simple. 100% effective.”

Matt Cannon
COO, Venatus

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