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How Jones Road Increased Cart Completion Rate And Protected their Revenue With cleanCART

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About Jones Road Beauty

Founded on the philosophy that the world needs better, not more, beaty products, Jones Road Beauty uses clean, strategic, high-grade formulas that work for every skin type and tone.

Thier formula guidelines eliminate over 2,700 potentially harmful ingredients while being the make-up equivalent of a Swiss Army Knife: easy, cool, multipurpose, and easy to master. 

Jones Road Beauty’s Growigng collection of simple, smart products can be used to nail any look, from no-makeup makeup to the most dramatic of looks.

Coupon Leakage and Improper Redemption

Much like any retail business, coupons and discounts are core to Jones Road’s outbound marketing. But as many online retailers come to learn, Jones Road discovered that handing out digital coupons can come with a handful of risks.

As traffic increased to their site, they began to notice an abnormal amount of coupon code redemption. Many of these codes were designed as rewards for customers who exchanged targeting information by signing up for newsletters or subscribing to social media, but when compared to the actual subscriber lists, the numbers didn’t add up. Other times, codes meant for friends and family discounts would come through in staggering numbers.

It became clear that codes were being leaked to discounting sites and coupon extensions, allowing customers access to codes and discounts without the desired trade offs that allow Jones Road to retarget customers and grow their business, while also cutting into their marketing ROI.

Jones Road knew they needed a way to protect their revenue that also allowed them to keep discounting their products.

“We found ourselves wasting a lot of time tracking down the coupon codes customers were abusing.
We didn't want to disable coupons entirely, but needed to find a way to protect ourselves." 
- Eli Weiss, Senior Director of Customer Experience, Jones Road Beauty
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Discovering cleanCART

Manually tracking down and removing codes from discounting sites was their first step, but it quickly became a massive distraction, wasting valuable time that could have been spent on bigger picture items.

They then began to approach Honey and Capital One Shopping, but were told the only way to remove scraped codes from their databases was to pay into their partner programs.

Finally they were introduced to cleanCART, solving both issues at once by not only blocking the automatic injection of scraped coupon codes, but also alerting Jones Road which codes have leaked to which discounting sites through the Coupon Leakage dashboard.

“CleanCART is a powerful tool for any online retailer. Not only has it put a permanent end to injections from Capital One and Honey, but their dashboard also gives us insights into where our coupons are leaking to, and how they are affecting each checkout, which has been great for growing our Average Order Value and maintaining our margins.” 

- Eli Weiss, Senior Director of Customer Experience, Jones Road Beauty

The Results

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After installing cleanCART onto their Shopify store, Jones Road saw almost immediate results, earning back their investment and growing their average order value in just 30 days, along with these key metrics:

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“Partnering with cleanCART has allowed us to continue our discounting goals, giving us the confidence to market as we please.

This kept our discounting strategy viable, maintaining ROI for our first-time purchasers."

- Eli Weiss, Senior Director of Customer Experience, Jones Road Beauty

The Bottom Line:
cleanCART in Action

As their site traffic and sales continue to increase, cleanCART has given Jones Road the confidence and security to market their business as they choose, without the threat of leaking codes beyond their intended audience.

This has allowed Jones Road to recover thousands in potential losses, while still maintaining their ability to reach new customers and reward repeat business with discounted products.

cleanCART’s easy implementation, ease of use, detailed reporting, and set-it-and-forget-it approach allowed for a swift remedy to Jones Road’s major pain points. If you feel you are suffering from similar coupon redemption issues, check out our big commerce and shopify apps, or sign up for a free trial here.

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