Threat Reverse Engineer is looking for a threat reverse engineer with deep understanding of the modern web, browser security and a strong core JavaScript development background to combat malvertising in an innovative, industry-changing way.

You will be working on a team of passionate engineers whose mission it is to prevent malicious code from executing in browsers. Your ability to learn quickly, be responsive, create effective and novel technical solutions to hard problems and have strong communication skills to explain difficult concepts in simple terms will be at the heart of your job.’s Values:

  • Adaptability – we are a startup. Things change. Your role will change. Thriving in environments of change is key to success.
  • Communication – Clear, timely and precise communication is core to our shared success
  • Integrity – We do what we say and say what we do and are open and honest with our colleagues and partners.
  • Systemization – While loves solving problems, we strive to systematize everything we do so decisions we can compound the learning from everything we do. This makes us faster, more consistent, more scalable and more accurate.
  • Resilience – Working in security is hard. There will be bad days. We’re on the search for people who bounce back and bring energy to this difficult but rewarding process.
  • Teamwork – Nothing gets accomplished individually. We work together to achieve outcomes for our partners. Wa hire people who are team players who are motivated by consistently delivering excellence to our partners and the team.


  • Research, reverse engineer and document malware samples,
  • Collaborate closely with the rest of the engineering team,
  • Work with internal analysis tooling and contribute to its continuous improvement,
  • Act as a scouting squad member, providing the means and methods to withstand the confrontation with malvertising.


  • 3+ years of JavaScript development
  • Strong core JavaScript knowledge, or expert in at least one lower-level (e.g. C-like) language with passion to learning
  • Understanding browsers, browser security policies and network protocols
  • Extreme attention to details with strong analytical abilities and problem-solving skills
  • Strong refactoring skills, meaning understanding the execution flows, side effects, implications and intentions of the code being inspected
  • Fast debugging skills
  • Familiarity with front-end environment: DOM, events, XHR, WebSockets, etc.

About you:

You share our values.
You are passionate about being part of a culture of learning and teaching. You love challenging yourself to constantly improve, and sharing your knowledge to empower others.
You like to take risks when looking for novel solutions to complex problems. If faced with roadblocks, you continue to reach higher to make greatness happen.
When you fail you not only learn but help others learn to make the organization better.
You care about solving big, systemic problems. You look beyond the surface to understand root causes so that you can build long-term, ecosystem wide solutions

Job Category: Engineer
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Baltimore

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