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How Hygge & West Put an End to Unauthorized Coupon Usage

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About Hygge & West

Hygge & West is a boutique wallpaper and home goods company that believes in the power of patterns to help people express themselves, bring joy into their lives, and create happy, beautiful homes. The Hygge & West team runs a successful eCommerce website that specializes in one-of-a-kind designs and high-quality wallpaper made in collaboration with designers, artists, and makers.

Hygge and West

Struggling with Unauthorized Coupon Code Usage

The team at Hygge & West first realized they had an issue with coupon extensions when they noticed that many of the coupon codes they created for marketing campaigns were being used by individuals incorrectly.

They had created a discount strategy for encouraging visitors to sign up for an email newsletter and to opt-in to text-based promotions. Essentially, the users who signed up or opted in were given a discount code as a “thank you” for participating.

Soon the team at Hygge & West were finding that these codes were getting used in excessive amounts, and none of the visitors using them had actually opted in to communications. In short, their discount strategy was being circumvented, and Hygge & West was sacrificing profits and gaining nothing from the customers who were misusing the codes.

Hygge and West case study

Hurting the User Experience

The abuse of discount codes led to retail customers getting products at wholesale prices, a major issue for the company’s margins. It got so bad that the team at Hygge & West would even occasionally have to cancel orders.

We hated having to cancel a customer’s order. It wasn’t their fault they’d been given a coupon code they weren’t authorized to use, so it created a very negative experience.
 -Christiana Coop, Co-founder of Hygge & West

Additionally, the use of certain coupon codes would cause customers to get miscategorized on the back end of their system, further damaging the customer experience. The use of a coupon code meant for partners, or trade members, rather than end customers would cause a customer to get placed into the marketing funnel for trade members and made it very difficult to appropriately keep their CRM in order.

At this point, the Hygge & West team went in search of a solution to stop the problem at the source.

Finding cleanCART

After searching for a solution, Christiana and the Hygge & West team ended up on the Shopify Forums and learned about cleanCART. 

Upon implementing cleanCART, they were able to immediately alleviate the struggles they were facing.

Blocking the use of incorrect coupon codes at the source (via coupon extensions) removed all of the manual effort the team was putting into tracking down misuses of coupons. It also alleviated all concerns around customer experience. When customers were no longer getting access to coupons they shouldn’t be using, there were no more negative ramifications to worry about.

Prior to cleanCART, we were having to spend about 30 minutes per day watching for sales tied to incorrect coupon usage. Now we don’t even have to think about it at all.

-Christiana Coop, Co-founder of Hygge & West

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"Since the day we implemented cleanCART, there have been zero misuses of coupon codes. We have peace of mind that everything is working the way it should.
Christiana Coop Hygge & West

Christiana Coop
Co-founder, Hygge and West

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