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How to Integrate cleanCART for BigCommerce Stores

cleanCART integration steps

cleanCART integration is as simple as the click of a button:

  • Step #1: Install the cleanCART App.
    The Start screen will introduce the Product package, pricing and Trial details:

  • Step #2: Tap “Start Trial” and then enter your payment information to kick off your FREE 14 Day Trial and get access to the cleanCART activation.

The CleanCART Integration screen will be opened:

  • Step #3: Tap “Activate” to turn the cleanCART script protection on.
    Once you tap “Activate” the app will automatically:

    • Integrate the code snippet into your store pages within the BigCommerce Script Manager. You can test the integration as described below.
    • Activate the cleanCART protection and reporting.
    • Start 14 Day Free Trial.

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Can I deactivate the cleanCART protection?

Do you want to pause the cleanCART protection while running a specific company? You can do so by clicking the “Deactivate” button in the cleanCART BigCommerce App.

Once you tap “Deactivate” the app will automatically remove the cleanCART Script from the BigCommerce Script Manager.

Note: the statistics population will be paused as well.

You can activate it back any time by clicking the “Activate” button  in the cleanCART BigCommerce App:

Test cleanCART integration to the store pages

To test the cleanCART integration, from your BigCommerce Admin, left side menu click “Storefront” and then “Script Manager”. “cleanCART” will occur in the list of Installed Scripts:

Tap “Edit” to review the details which should look as follows:

After “Deactivating” the cleanCART Script is expected to be removed with the Script Manager “Installed Scripts”.