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Protect your ecommerce margins & increase average order value with cleanCART

Block injection of unwanted discount codes from coupon extensions like Honey, CapitalOne Shopping, Piggy, and more.

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ben-knox-svp-super-coffee"Honey and other deal sites and discount extensions have made it near impossible for us to trust attribution for our marketing spend. They decrease our profit margins while providing no value in referring traffic or building our brand.”

→ Ben Knox, SVP at Super Coffee



Average increase in conversion rate

for cleanCART merchants


Average merchant ROI

in first 30 days

90 days

cleanCART pays for itself

within 90 days (guaranteed!)

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Block Coupon Extensions with cleanCART

Stop extensions like Honey from allowing the use of unwanted discount codes on your site. 

  • Prevent extensions from auto injecting coupons onto your checkout pages
  • Recognize when visitors are using a coupon extension
  • See which extensions they are using
  • Set it and forget it: automatically block coupon extensions from injecting discount codes
  • No negative impact on page load speeds
  • See how it works for yourself with a free trial

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how cleancart protects ecommerce margins

How cleanCART protects your ecommerce margins.

Interested in becoming a cleanCART partner? Learn more about what it means here.

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Case Study Stats - road id Desktop



How did ROAD iD get metrics like these?

Learn how cleanCART helped to eliminate revenue loss and allowed ROAD iD to scale their Ambassador Program.

Read the Case Study

You Own the Shopping Experience


Users will experience your website exactly how you want them to.

  • There will be no interruption to the user experience
  • The experience for users will simply be as if the coupon extension found no available deals
  • Users can still manually type coupon codes as they always have

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hygge and west case study

Hygge & West Case Study

Learn how Hygge & West put an end to unauthorized coupon usage with cleanCART.

Read the Case Study

"Since the day we implemented cleanCART, there have been zero misuses of coupon codes. We have peace of mind that everything is working the way it should.”

→ Christiana Coop, Hygge & West

Data and Analytics

Detailed analytics will show you how coupon extensions are affecting your site

Recovered Revenue: the total amount of dollars that would have been paid out to coupon extensions that now stays right on your bottom line.

Additional analytics include:

  • Top coupon codes used by extensions
  • Which extensions are being used
  • Cart conversion rates

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What if everything you thought you knew about coupon extensions was wrong?


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cleanad coupon extension blocking


The Nitty Gritty Details

cleanCART dashboard desktop view


How hard will it be to set up? Getting started is a quick and easy integration with our custom Shopify app.

How much does it cost? cleanCART pricing starts at $299 per month and scales based on your transaction volume (see more below!). Bottom line: expect to spend much less than the product will save you! 

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Is there a free trial? Yes! Every customer gets a free trial to kick the tires and see how the platform works before committing.


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What can cleanCART do for you?

→ Marketing

Stop spending time chasing down coupon codes that get picked up by coupon browser extensions and take control of your discount strategy. Set it and forget, really!

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→ Affiliate Programs

Make it easier to grow affiliate programs, and measure their success, by removing the possibility for abuse of affiliate discount codes.

→ Finance

Increase average order value and improve margins. cleanCART customers see an average 1,452% ROI within their first month and recoup your cost for a yearly subscription in the first 90 days.

Made to Fit Your Needs

Privacy Friendly

Collects minimal personal data. No saving of PII, cookies, or sensitive information.

No Site Speed Impact

Imperceptible impact to site speed helps maintain your conversion rates.

Low Maintenance

Set-it-and-forget-it functionality means zero manual blocking or input of coupon codes for you.

Real Time

Blocks unauthorized coupons in real-time to recover profits without requiring merchants to take further action. Just set it and forget it!

Comprehensive Protection

Built to block the most widely-used coupon extensions on the market (with new extensions added regularly!).

Peace of Mind

Never worry about coupon leakage again. Take the time your team spent tracking down leaked codes and put it toward the growth of your business.

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