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Website Privacy Policy

Last updated August 20, 2021

Policy Statement is committed to making its Website(s) accessible. In accordance with this commitment, and with the knowledge that accessible digital content generally enhances usability for everyone, this Policy is established to improve the user experience for those with disabilities. 


This policy applies to’s Website(s).

Accessibility Standards

For the purposes of this policy, will use The Worldwide Web Consortium’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines version 2.1, Level AA Conformance (WCAG 2.1 Level AA) as “the Standards.”

The Path Forward’s Website(s) are expected to conform to the Standards with respect to their platform and infrastructure. Where conformance with the Standards is not technically feasible or may require extraordinary measures due to the nature of the information or the purpose of the Website (e.g., it would create an undue hardship by fundamentally altering the site), a request for exception can be made. 

In addition, aims to make any new digital content created and produced at and posted on our Websites conform to the Standards, to the extent technically feasible. 

The Accessibility Steering Committee

As further outlined in the Web Accessibility Implementation Procedures, the Accessibility Steering Committee (ASC) will establish and recommend to Senior Leadership a prioritization schedule for improving accessibility on’s Websites. Priority shall be given to Website pages or elements that are among the most highly trafficked and to those that contain core company or product information.

The ASC, at the direction of and in coordination with Senior Leadership, periodically shall review this Policy, its associated procedures, and the governance model and, as appropriate, recommend changes. The review will help ensure that the Policy continues to align with’s mission, including its commitment to accessibility.

Responsibility and Commitment

Senior Leadership is responsible for establishing mechanisms to ensure that’s Websites conform to this Policy and have an identified Site Owner. The Websites should indicate commitment to accessibility by including a link to this Policy.

Upon a specific request by an individual who is unable to access specific content on’s Websites, either the requested content must be updated to conform to the Standards, or the requested content otherwise must be made available in an alternative format in a timely manner. The unit responsible for the creation and maintenance of the content on the Website is responsible for making it accessible or providing the alternative.


A Site Owner is an individual designated by Senior Leadership as responsible for one or more Website(s).

A Supplier is any third party with which contracts to supply information technology products, software, or services.

A Website is any public-facing website or web‐based application within a controlled domain used to conduct Business. Business includes activities carried out under the auspices of but does not include activities organized or conducted by employees, partners, or customers.

Governance, Roles and Responsibilities

Senior Leadership:’s CEO, Chief Marketing Officer, Vice President of Operations, Chief Technology Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Revenue Officer, and Vice President of Sales, or their designees (“Senior Leadership”) each are responsible for: (1) promoting awareness of this Policy; (2) identifying employees to serve as Site Owners of Websites within their areas; and (3) ensuring that such Websites conform to this Policy.

Accessibility Steering Committee: The CEO shall convene the Accessibility Steering Committee. The ASC shall be responsible for: (1) providing periodic review of this Policy and its implementing procedures, with recommendations going to the CEO; (2) establishing and recommending to Senior Leadership a prioritization schedule for bringing certain existing Websites into conformance with the Standards or making them accessible in an alternative manner; (3) working with Senior Leadership to assure general awareness of this Policy; (4) assessing and reporting to the CEO’s accessibility efforts as outlined in this Policy; and (5) reviewing and deciding on requests for Policy exceptions.

Site Owner: Site Owners have primary responsibility for: (1) ensuring that the Websites for which they are responsible conform to this Policy; and (2) educating and training those who contribute to those sites on the requirements of this Policy and the tools and methods for securing conformance with it.