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The cleanCART dashboard has arrived!

cleanCART offers clients valuable insights into their coupon strategy while also protecting their revenue from unwanted automatic coupon injections from browser extensions like Honey and CapitalOne Shopping.

In the past, your weekly report email has covered key metrics like top and number of coupons blocked, gross sales with coupons blocked, and your estimated savings from blocking unwanted coupon usage.


cleanCART customers are using this data to:

  • Review the top coupons blocked each week to determine which codes have leaked and may need to be turned off 
  • Track the number of orders with coupons blocked to identify trends related to coupon usage
  • Analyze completed orders with coupons blocked to determine which of your completed orders were affected by coupons injection attempts prevented by cleanCART
  • Review average order value and average savings data to calculate how coupons are impacting margins, and set values for future offers

Now along with your weekly report, your cleanCART dashboard will be a new one-stop location to see how your coupon strategy is performing in real-time. 

Here’s How It Works

Log in to view your personal dashboard and familiar metrics like top coupons blocked, total sales with coupons blocked, and estimated savings.

Additionally, you can now select a custom time range -- a filter which extensions you’d like to view -- and see your percent change period to period for your top-line metrics.

Your dashboard will also now report injections by a browser extension, giving you a peek into which extension (currently Honey and CapitalOne Shopping) is having the most significant effect on your margins.

cleancart dashboard overview

Our tool tip will also give you a summary of how each number is calculated. Just hover over the “i” icon located next to each title.

cleancart dashboard tooltip

If you are experiencing issues with your reports, have any questions about the dashboard, or want to suggest a new feature, you can now reach out to the cleanCART team through the “Need Help” tab to the left of the dashboard.


cleancart dashboard help page

The dashboard now provides on-demand access to everything you need to know when it comes to the coupon activity in your checkout, giving you valuable insights into your discount strategy and giving you the control you need to help grow your business.

The cleanCART dashboard is now available to all cleanCART users and will continue to be updated with new features and tools as the company moves forward.