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Within your cleanCART Dashboard you now have the ability to download and share a cleanCART SHIELD report -- a concise, single page PDF that summarizes your cleanCART data.

cleanCART customers can take advantage of this report by:


  • Sharing internally to align your team around the performance of your discount strategy;
  • Sharing with your affiliates to discuss performance and potential issues; and
  • Compare side-by-side with your coupon apps to maintain good coupon hygiene (i.e. manage codes that are no longer useful or that you believe are being scraped and shared by coupon extensions).

Download your cleanCART SHIELD Report by navigating to the top of the cleanCART dashboard and selecting “Download Report”. 


cleanCART Overview chart

Next, choose either a weekly or monthly report, or select a custom time frame, then click “Download” to see your SHIELD Report directly download to your browser. During this prompt, you will default to the same period as your overview page but are able to customize if you’d like to display a different time period.


cleancart Download Page


Your cleanCART SHIELD Report will appear in your browser as a PDF you can download directly to your desktop. 

SHIELD report top coupons blocked

Use this concise summary of your coupon activity to inform and align your discount strategy across your team.


Stay tuned for more updates as the cleanCART team continues to innovate on our products and interfaces.