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The cleanCART Dashboard now provides access to new data and detailed analytics covering the success of your coupon strategy and the overall impact of leaked coupon codes.

Under the new “Coupon Analytics” tab, cleanCART merchants will now be able to track total revenue lost from discounts; which percent of codes are coming from browser extensions and deal sites; and the total amount of completed orders and sales. 

Clients will also be given greater insights into the top entered codes from deal sites, including how many orders entered either code.

The dashboard update will also include an updated report detailing the revenue lost by customers entering codes from deal sites. This chart breaks down the total discount received and the site the customer came from. 

This improved visibility gives merchants the ability to either deactivate the code or request the discounting site remove it from their database, without having to manually track down the code themselves.

An updated chart tracking the top 10 coupons entered from customers coming from deal sites order to order, giving merchants a simplified view of which of their codes have been uploaded to discounting sites can also be found at the bottom of the new report. This chart also allows merchants to track coupon usage in real-time, giving them better insight into the changing impact of their coupon strategy.

This update helps further cleanCART’s goal to give merchants better insights into their coupon data and help to create healthier overall discount campaigns, and we will continue to bring clients new tools and data moving into the new year.