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cleanCART’s coupon extension protection now includes coverage for Mobile App and Safari Mobile.


What Happened

In September, 2021, Apple launched iOS 15 and with it, for the first time, the ability for users to take advantage of browser extensions within the Safari Mobile browser. Amongst Apple’s key partners at the launch was Honey, the world’s leading coupon browser extension. 


Why It Matters

Until the release of iOS 15, shoppers were limited to using Honey’s coupon code auto-injection features on desktop browsers. 

With mobile commerce representing more than 30% of total US retail ecommerce sales, the expansion of Honey to mobile browsing environments holds the potential to dramatically impact ecommerce merchants’ profit margins and revenue attribution. 


What You Need to Know

Beginning with the launch of iOS 15, cleanCART has successfully been blocking Honey across mobile Safari browsers as well as injections coming from Honey’s own mobile app.

cleancart blocking honey on mobile safari


Customers currently using cleanCART should see no increase in coupon abuse from mobile sessions, and no action is needed on your part to enact coverage. 

For any further questions please feel free to reach out to our customer success team.