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One of the most important metrics that cleanCART provides users is the amount of estimated savings from blocked coupons.

cleanCART report

Ever wonder how cleanCART calculates your estimated savings from coupon blocking?

When cleanCART is installed on your Shopify Plus instance, it duplicates the exact contents of a given checkout cart in a secure, sandboxed environment, and then applies coupons found by the browser extension to the duplicated cart. 

It then analyzes the discount each attempted coupon would have resulted in had it been successfully applied until it finds the one with the highest savings. It then records it as the “winning coupon.” 

This process functions similarly to how coupon extensions find the most effective discount code for their users.

Your estimated savings is the sum of savings from each individual cart’s winning coupon - which represents what the user would have saved if we did not block the automatically injected coupon. 

To sum it up, we simply allow the browser extension to execute on the duplicate (sandboxed) checkout cart and compare the discounted price with the actual price that your customer paid.

The total of these amounts is your estimated savings from coupon blocking.