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cleanCART FAQs

What does the cleanCART product include?

The cleanCART product includes couponGUARD and affiliateGUARD.

Will cleanCART impact my site speed?

cleanCART operates behind the scenes like any other application, and adding it to your arsenal won't have any effect on the speed of your website.

Is cleanCART compatible with my other apps?

cleanCART works just the same as any other application you have installed, and will not interrupt or harm any of their operations.

Which shopping cart platforms does cleanCART support?

At this time, couponGUARD is available for Shopify Plus & BigCommerce merchants and affiliateGUARD is available across the Shopify, Shopify Plus and BigCommerce platforms. Integrations for Shopify and BigCommerce are easy, too. 


How do coupon extensions hurt my business?

Your coupon strategy should be YOURS! Protect yourself from coupon fraud and major extensions like Honey and CapitalOne that scrape your users’ checkout pages and redistribute those coupons to the masses.

This not only directly affects your sales margins, it also:

  • Can HURT your AOV;
  • Can INCREASE cart abandonment due to price comparison features;
  • Over-represents the power of affiliates whose codes are being improperly shared (putting you at risk for fraudulent affiliate fees);
  • Wreaks havoc on your revenue attribution;
  • Taints your brand reputation with stolen codes and a poor user experience.

What are the benefits of couponGUARD?

couponGUARD gives you back control of your conversion strategy and prevents coupon fraud and revenue leakage from unwanted coupon extensions. Our solution has shown to directly increase returns, allowing clients to expand promotional campaigns with the restored revenue.

Additionally we have seen average order value increase 3-5% with our solution active on checkout!

Check out our case studies with RoadID and Hygge & West for more!

What does couponGUARD currently block?

couponGUARD currently blocks all automatic injection from Honey, Capital One Shopping, Coupert across Chrome/Safari Desktop, Safari Mobile and respective apps for both Honey and Capital One Shopping.

These extensions account for roughly 68%+ of all automatically injected coupons and therefore represent the biggest threat to your coupon strategy. 

There are a number of other coupon extensions that operate on a much smaller scale, and we’re constantly working to grow our blocking capabilities to increase fraud protection and incorporate new threats and their features.

What is affiliate misattribution?

Affiliate platforms like ShareaSale and Impact overinflate coupon affiliate commissions by crediting coupon extensions with sales they didn't influence.

Because coupon browser extensions like Honey are installed by shoppers, and operate on the browser level, they have an elevated level of permissions to run scripts and inject cookies that hold the potential to fundamentally alter affiliate attribution data, and artificially inflate commission payments.

Ultimately, coupon extensions like Honey can claim attribution for sales that were sourced through other channels (e.g. paid advertising or organic search), and merchants end up paying commissions they shouldn't.

Learn more in our whitepaper: Are Coupon Browser Extensions Committing Affiliate Program Fraud?

What are the benefits of affiliateGUARD?

affiliateGUARD puts a stop to affiliate misattribution, once and for all.

With affiliateGUARD, you'll enjoy:

  • Reduced commission payments to coupon affiliates.
  • More accurate affiliate program attribution data.
  • Better insights into what's working - and what's not - when it comes to your affiliate marketing program.

What does affiliateGUARD currently block?

affiliateGUARD currently blocks misattribution by Honey on both Impact and ShareASale affiliate networks.


How should I evaluate ROI for cleanCART?

Many merchants will recognize a return on their investment in a matter of days, just from increased fraud protection and the blocking of misappropriated coupons &  affiliate fees they were previously paying out.

But it’s important to look at cleanCART's protection holistically and as core to your coupon & affiliate strategy. It will help inform where and when you have revenue and coupon leakage at the hands of coupon fraud and where you are actually generating ROI (or not) when working with affiliate networks.

With the right strategy, we see increased revenue coupled with increases in completion rates & average order value, reductions in cart abandonment rates, and an improved ability to make decisions about where to place marketing spend for the greatest return.

Are you charging for every order? Or just orders blocked?

cleanCART pricing plan includes both couponGUARD and affiliateGUARD products and is currently based on order volume per month, with four options based on your sales volume and overall revenue. 

Learn more about pricing.