September, 2021

by Team clean, on Sep 29, 2021 12:01:46 PM

What’s New in September

  • iOS 15 IS HERE! This means that Safari on iOS now has the ability to support extensions like Honey on mobile. Don't worry though, cleanCART has you covered! COMING SOON is a breakout of mobile vs. desktop within the Dashboard

  • recently discovered behavior during checkout from Honey and other extensions where they are able to claim last touch attribution through affiliate platforms regardless of the channel the customer came in on or if the extension successfully applied a coupon code. FULL BREAKDOWN BELOW!

What is Affiliate Hijacking? 

Affiliate Hijacking refers to any false or illegitimate activity conducted to generate commissions or profit from an affiliate marketing program. Fueled by profits, affiliate partners and well known extensions (like Honey) design ways to circumvent the system to claim conversions that they did not generate. 

AKA Cookie Stuffing

How does Affiliate Hijacking Impact Me?

Extensions like Honey, in conjunction with affiliate partners such as ShareASale and Impact, “hijack” credit for a user session that may have been driven by your in-house marketing efforts or channels. Meaning you could be paying commissions for a conversion that you actually drove!


September Results

  • ~6% of sessions and 24% of completed orders were falsely attributed, or hijacked, by an affiliate partner tied to Honey’s extension.

  • Up to 14% of total commissions protected

  • Up to 391% cumulative ROI protected

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