by Team clean, on Dec 29, 2021 8:29:51 AM

What’s New in December

Happy New Year from Team Clean! 

We wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for being amazing partners through a historic year here at clean. Below are some highlights of the milestones reached in 2021:

  • ~$40M in sales protected 
  • ~$4M in revenue recovered for our partners 
  • Over 3.6M discounts blocked 
  • cleanCART Public App Released
  • affiliateGUARD Launched

New Year, New Look

This month, you may have noticed a few different metrics highlighted in your dashboard and monthly reports. Below is an overview of each. Head to your dashboard to take a deeper look!

  • Recovered Revenue- This metric replaces estimated savings and provides increased accuracy in determining the amount of revenue loss prevented due to unwanted coupon injections blocked by cleanCART. Only valid coupons and their discount value are used as part of the calculation.
  • Completed Orders- Amount of individual completed carts where automated discount code injection was prevented by cleanCART
  • Total Sales- Sum of completed individual order totals (incl. Line item total, tax, shipping, and manually applied discounts) where the automated discount code injection was attempted by a coupon extension and prevented by clean
  • Average Order Value- Total Sales Metric / Completed Orders Metric

You can expect a more in depth recap of network trends and a deep dive into what we saw in the ecommerce world later on this month. In the meantime, we wish you a great start to 2022. May all of your troubles last as long as your New Year's resolutions 😉

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by Team clean, on Nov 29, 2021 1:08:33 PM

What’s New in November

Black Friday Weekend Recap

cleanCART provided elite protection to partners during ecommerce's busiest time of the year. Here's what we saw from Black Friday through Cyber Monday:

  • Highest savings day in cleanCART history on Black Friday (up 200% single day)
  • 154% increase in Estimated Savings through the entire weekend 
  • Total completed checkout sessions where discounts were attempted up 200% on Black Friday
  • Discounts attempted through Honey up 189% & Wikibuy up 167% 
  • Large increase in extension usage with Honey up 256% and Wikibuy up 215%
  • affiliateGUARD recovered revenue up 114% on Black Friday (see below for more information!)


What is it?

affiliateGUARD is a solution to protect retailers from fraudulent commission payouts  and allows you to get more accurate data on performance of your affiliate marketing programs.

Why is this important?

Affiliate marketing is responsible for driving 16% of global eCommerce sales. The cleanCART team noticed nefarious behaviors being triggered from browser extensions (like Honey/Wikibuy) where they would apply a "last click" attribution pixel to fire during the checkout phase of a purchase. This resulted in browser extensions essentially claiming credit for any purchase where they were present and activated, instead of where the consumer was actually driven from.

How does it work?

It's Simple. affiliateGUARD protection will look for these behaviors being attempted from browsers extensions during the checkout/processing page of the checkout and will stop the dropping of the last click attribution pixel from these browsers to stop merchants from paying out affiliate fees that were not accurate.

Below is a normal affiliate attribution lifecycle:


  • Consumer is driven from an affiliate site
  • 1st party cookie is dropped from affiliate
  • Consumer shops & proceeds to the checkout page
  • Consumer checks out - during checkout:
    • Sites processing page looks for 1st party affiliate cookie dropped to identify if consumer was driven from an affiliate site and if so, gives that site credit for the purchase
  • Consumer sees thank you page

Below is an example of how browser extensions claim credit:

  • Consumer is driven from an affiliate site
  • 1st party affiliate cookie is dropped
  • Consumer shops & proceeds to the checkout page
  • Consumer checks out - during checkout:
    • Honey replicates and opens a new checkout page
    • Honey drops their affiliate cookie in the new checkout page (overriding the original affiliate cookie dropped)
    • Honey then allows the processing page to run (claiming credit for the purchase)
  • Consumer sees thank you page
    • Honey is paid by merchant
    • Legitimate affiliate is NOT paid
    • Affiliate Platform earns commission

How affiliateGUARD protection works:

  • Consumer is driven from an affiliate site
  • 1st party affiliate cookie is dropped
  • Consumer shops & proceeds to the checkout page
  • Consumer checks out - during checkout:
    • Honey attempts to replicate and opens a new checkout page
    • affiliateGUARD disables the request from honey to claim last click attribution  
  • Consumer sees thank you page

Do you use ShareASale or Impact & want to test out affiliateGUARD? Reach out to your client success manager to see if you qualify!

What's in the works for December?

  • Shopify Non-listed Public App Launch
  • New & Improved Dashboard
  • Recovered Revenue
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by Team clean, on Oct 27, 2021 1:26:42 PM

What’s New in October

  • New cleanCART Public App within Shopify - coming soon!
  • AB Testing available for clients
  • Recovered Revenue - coming soon!

cleanCART Public Shopify App:

cleanCART was recently approved to have a non-listed Public app within Shopify. The cleanCART team has been partnering with the Shopify team to build and streamline an app within Shopify to allow for easy & fast onboarding of the cleanCART product

What does this mean for current clients?

Nothing yet, but soon your client success manager will reach out to you with instructions on implementing the public app.

How does this impact protection?

It doesn't! The product will still work as intended with coupon protection on Honey & Wikibuy along with working appropriately with the other Shopify apps within the ecosystem

Why should I change integration?

The new public app will allow for easier enabling and disabling of the cleanCART app. It will also simplify the onboarding process for future partners. 

Tell me more!

Watch this short video which will go further in-depth with the changes being made - HERE

AB Testing:

cleanCART now has the ability to activate AB testing during the Free Trial. This will allow partners to kick the tires on the cleanCART product while also understanding what the impact will look like with blocking enabled and disabled. 

What is A/B Testing

Also referred to as “split testing”, A/B testing is a research methodology employed to test a statistical hypothesis. It is a way to compare two versions of a single variable. In this case that is cleanCART!

How is it set up?

  • We will run a 50/50 even split of the cleanCART script during the Free Trial
  • 50% of your traffic will be fully protected from coupon injections, while the other 50% will still remain susceptible Honey, WikiBuy, etc.

What should I expect?

A/B Testing will verify how cleanCART does or does not impact specific KPIs for your business, notably:

  • Conversion Rate (Completed Orders / Sessions)
  • Cart Completion Rate (Completed Orders / Checkouts Reached)
  • Average Order Value

We have observed a range of outcomes, from an increase in Conversion Rates with the removal of coupons (think better brand loyalty!) to slightly lower conversion rates which are offset by an increase in AOV, resulting in net-positive revenue and gross sales.

What does the Data Show?

Want to activate AB testing for 14 days? Reach out to your client-partnership manager!

Recovered Revenue:

cleanCART will be updating the current Estimated Savings metric to be more platform agnostic, and less reliant on Shopify’s API. This ensures that as changes are made by Shopify, the method and means in which savings is estimated by cleanCART remains consistent. 

With that, we would like to formally introduce Recovered Revenue! Over the next several weeks we will be deprecating Estimated Savings within the Dashboard and updating it with the new Recovered Revenue metric. 

What does this mean for our partners?

  • All historical data will remain intact and unchanged
  • “Estimated Savings” will be replaced with “Recovered Revenue”

What's in the works for November?

  • Launch Shopify Public App
  • Affiliate Guard - coming soon!
  • New & Improved Dashboard
  • Recovered Revenue
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by Team clean, on Sep 29, 2021 12:01:46 PM

What’s New in September

  • iOS 15 IS HERE! This means that Safari on iOS now has the ability to support extensions like Honey on mobile. Don't worry though, cleanCART has you covered! COMING SOON is a breakout of mobile vs. desktop within the Dashboard

  • recently discovered behavior during checkout from Honey and other extensions where they are able to claim last touch attribution through affiliate platforms regardless of the channel the customer came in on or if the extension successfully applied a coupon code. FULL BREAKDOWN BELOW!

What is Affiliate Hijacking? 

Affiliate Hijacking refers to any false or illegitimate activity conducted to generate commissions or profit from an affiliate marketing program. Fueled by profits, affiliate partners and well known extensions (like Honey) design ways to circumvent the system to claim conversions that they did not generate. 

AKA Cookie Stuffing

How does Affiliate Hijacking Impact Me?

Extensions like Honey, in conjunction with affiliate partners such as ShareASale and Impact, “hijack” credit for a user session that may have been driven by your in-house marketing efforts or channels. Meaning you could be paying commissions for a conversion that you actually drove!


September Results

  • ~6% of sessions and 24% of completed orders were falsely attributed, or hijacked, by an affiliate partner tied to Honey’s extension.

  • Up to 14% of total commissions protected

  • Up to 391% cumulative ROI protected

Screen Shot 2021-09-30 at 5.09.51 PM


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