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In order to give customers further insight on their ad experiences, your cleanAD Dashboard and SHIELD report will now include malicious landing pages as an attack type.

While the ad creative involved with malicious landing pages is often harmless, an ad that results in a user clicking through to a landing page that is malicious or deceptive is just as disruptive and dangerous to your users' experience as other common types of malvertising. 

Here's how malicious landing pages work.

Maliciious Landing Page Infographic


The landing pages that users are taken to may be the same as those used with malicious redirects, but in this case, users need to click on the ad to go to the page, instead of being automatically redirected. 

These ads likely have a lower ROI  for the malvertiser, but can go on longer while avoiding detection.

Malicious Landing Pages will now appear as an ad type under “Threat Details” alongside your current threat detection, and will be calculated as part of your overall threat level. 

Malicious Landing Page Report