October 2022

by Team clean, on Oct 31, 2022 5:53:24 PM

What’s New in October

Advanced Threat Analytics Dashboard

We’re excited to announce the rollout of our new advanced Threat Analytics section.  These new reporting capabilities provide deeper insights into the kinds of threats, where they originate, and which users they impact.

Threat Class Reporting

Now you can go beyond the types of attacks and dig down into which Threat Classes are trying to impact your users.  Threat Classes are groups of threats that have the same M.O. and can be attributed to the same bad actor, even as signatures and indicators mutate. With over 30 threat classes identified by Clean, tracking these trends provides reliable insights into which platforms individual attackers are using, which types of devices and OS’es they’re after, and which country they are targeting.

Here’s what's new in Threat Analytics:

  • Easily compare different threat classes:  The new analytics tab has been designed to give you quick access to compare trends for each of the different threat classes. The line graph displays the daily volume of threats prevented for the selected date range and sites. This can be toggled to view other data points for selected filters, such as SSP, DSP, Device Type, OS, and Country. The total volume for each of these data points is also displayed.

  • Using Smart Filters to analyze specific threats: Individual threats can be selected to isolate SSP, DSP, device type, operating system, and country statistics. Because a threat class originates from 1 source, the ‘where it's coming from' and ‘who it's targeting’ is more meaningful and predictable for a single threat class than it is for all prevented attacks.

  • Combine multiple filters to gain insight: Any combination of threat class, SSP, DSP, Operating System, and country selections can be chosen in order to analyze the data from every angle.  Often useful to look at trends for a specific SSP, for specific threats, in specific regions.

These insights should help provide more meaningful context on where threats are coming from and who is being targeted.  As always, Clean’s solution provides publishers with the utmost confidence that all of these attacks are being mitigated without jeopardizing revenue, so through the information available, additional action is not required.


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