Protecting Your Customer Journey

by Matt Peck, on May 26, 2022 9:00:00 AM

Coupons are only one strategy you can employ to attract customers to your brand. Creating a customer experience that inspires loyalty is another, arguably more effective one.  In doing so, you will not only increase your customer lifetime value, but will also encourage word of mouth, which is not only free but worth its weight in gold. If you’re looking to invest back in your customer experience with your savings from cleanCART, here are some areas we recommend starting with.

Map Out Your Customer Journey 

To start, you’ll want to ensure your entire customer experience is on-brand and reflects your mission, vision and values. When compared to your competition, your customer journeys may be similar but you have an opportunity to optimize your strategy based on their journey gaps. To do this, tap into market insights to discover where they might be lacking and see what you can do to make your journey stand out. Once you know this, you can tailor your experience to reflect this edge. 

You’ll also want to eliminate any points of friction in your consumer journey, especially considering cart abandonment rates can average as high as 70% for online purchases. Do a manual sweep to check for any broken links, unnecessary steps, or coupon extensions that have commandeered your experience and prevented your customers from finalizing their purchase. To check for coupon extensions, download them on your browser and visit your site. If present, they’ll pop-up almost immediately with offerings of pirated coupons or lower pricing leading your customers away from you and directly to your competitors. 


Eliminate distractions in the customer experience 

Once you receive the insights from your mapping, you’ll see any areas where you need to improve. Work to remove any roadblocks or friction points to improve purchase convenience. Fix any broken links, remove unnecessary copy, and download cleanCART to eliminate all coupon extensions and price comparison tools that are hijacking your user experience. You can find cleanCART here on our website, or on our Shopify or BigCommerce app listings.

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Check Out Your Checkout 

Maintaining control over your checkout process is crucial to mitigating hurtful distractions to your customer experience that may drive customers away from your store.  Coupon extensions not only add unnecessary steps, they offer customers unearned and outdated discounts right at the moment of conversion. This can directly contribute to lower AOVs and higher cart abandonment rates with an average of 26% of customers leaving due to a complicated checkout process and 18% due to price comparisons pop-ups. 

Honey alone was able to “save” (or steal ) roughly $1.6 billion of ecommerce revenue last year, including $830 in a single purchase, and share over 900,000 gift cards. Considering 20%-50% of promotions. result in no sale or at least negatively impacts them,  brands are risking increased cart abandonment and  needlessly cutting into revenue for purchases customers are already willing to pay full price for. 

cleanCART effectively blocks these extensions from executing on your site, all while maintaining your customer experience and having no effect on your cart abandonment. 


Provide Excellent Customer Support 

The customer journey doesn’t just end at checkout. Check in with your support team and scan your reviews to see if there are any recurring issues happening and then quickly resolve them. Also, check back in with your unhappy customers to see if you can retroactively solve any of their issues. Finally, be sure to empower your support team to positively respond to your customers and mitigate any small issues before they become bigger problems.

With cleanCART, you can protect your customer experience from the coupon fraud and price-comparison pop-ups that contribute to higher cart abandonment rates. Try our free 14-day trial to see if it helps your bottom line. 

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