New Partnership With Index Exchange Will Expand Malvertising Protection for Publishers and Consumers

by Kathleen Booth, on Oct 15, 2020 12:09:37 PM

Today, we're excited to announce a new partnership between and Index Exchange, one of the world’s largest independent ad exchanges, that will further ensures the ad exchange’s existing commitment to combating malvertising on behalf of publishers and consumers.

Index exchange has long been committed to growing, supporting and safeguarding publishers and has underscored that commitment with its high standards for ad quality. Regardless of the ad channel, Index Exchange takes a layered approach to enforcing its standards, with measures including human review and the use of third party and proprietary technology to vet ads before they are approved, and continuous scanning of ads to prevent malicious activity from occurring post-approval.

This approach, and Index Exchange's unwavering commitment to ad quality, have kept them at the forefront of safety and trustworthiness within the programmatic advertising ecosystem.

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As Index Exchange continues to scale its omnichannel capabilities, it’s become increasingly important to stay several steps ahead of bad actors, and for this reason, the company has chosen to integrate’s behavioral and deterministic detection and blocking solution, cleanAD. The partnership extends Index Exchange's threat protection efforts to include real-time threat detection and blocking, globally, in time for the Q4 season which typically sees an uptick in malicious ad activity.

The advertising ecosystem must prioritize a proactive approach to the prevention of malware in order to safeguard end-users and facilitate clean, safe platforms where publishers and advertisers can efficiently transact. Our technology offers early adopters of anti-malware technology like Index Exchange an additional layer of protection for both their publishers and buyers in order to maintain an open-yet-safe programmatic ecosystem.

- Matt Gillis, CEO,

The integration with ultimately advances Index Exchange’s ability to deliver the cleanest demand possible for publishers by identifying malicious creative in the "last mile"—those rare cases where Index Exchange's existing standards, practices and procedures are unable to proactively identify and prevent malvertising, including cloaked redirects.

We’re continuing to invest in solutions that protect and secure the exchange from bad actors. We always want to uplevel our security measures, especially as malvertisers become increasingly sophisticated. This integration further ensures we can deliver clean, protected demand to our publisher partners on a global scale, safeguarding their end-users and revenue.

- Mike McNeeley, VP of Product, Index Exchange.

Index Exchange serves a wide variety of publishers throughout the programmatic ecosystem, and while many of them put in place their own anti-malvertising solutions, not all have the means to do so. The partnership between and Index Exchanges extends this protection to all of the publishers—and their audiences—that are served ads by Index Exchange, regardless of their size.

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