Building Customer Loyalty Through Better Brand Recognition

by Matt Peck, on Jul 6, 2022 12:30:00 PM

Brand loyalty is built through creating meaningful relationships with your customers to the point that they prefer your brand over all others in the same category. Creating a loyal customer base is vital to the longevity and success of your brand. It doesn’t just mean repeat business, it also means less spent on customer acquisition and marketing. The longest-lasting brands are the ones that recognize the importance of customer loyalty and work to build it through creating a brand that is both widely recognized and trusted. According to the Aaker Model of brand equity, a trusted industry model created by marketing expert David Aaker, there are four distinct areas of your brand you’ll need to invest in, in order to build customer loyalty. These are your brand as a product, as an organization, as a person, and as a symbol. 


Your Brand as a Product

First, you’ll want to ensure your product or services are unique compared to your competitors. Discover the white space of your market and develop your offering to fill it. By selling customers on how you’re different, you can prove to them why you’re worth purchasing over your competitors. This is why brands like Apple or Nike can charge a premium for their products. Once you are confident in your niche, you can then work on introducing customers to your brand. If you’re not an already established brand, you can entice first-time visitors to try your product by offering discounts. cleanCART can protect these coupon codes that are intended only for new customers from coupon extension sites like Honey and Wikibuy to ensure they are not spread to the entire internet. 


Your Brand as an Organization 

Brand values should be at the heart of your organization and serve as your North Star for company decision-making. You should ensure every move and every goal you make ladders back to them. Having clarity on brand values will also help you build customer loyalty with those who share similar values. You want your customers to trust your brand,  and if you running an ad publishing campaign you are going to want to enlist an ad security tool like cleanAD to remove any malicious ads that don’t match your brand’s mission or values and may be off-putting to customers. 

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Your Brand as a Person

Just like human relationships, customers are looking for personable brands that they can relate to. Creating a brand personality and voice that resonates with your audience is incredibly important. Once you decide on both, keep them consistent across the board, from your marketing, advertising, and social media, your website copy, to your customer service. A distinct brand personality will help cement your brand within the marketplace and reinforce customer loyalty with those who you resonate with.


Your Brand as a Symbol 

In order for you to build a loyal following, you’ll need your brand to be recognizable in the wild. Your brand as a symbol is the visual representation of your company and what most people will think about first when they hear your name. A brand’s visual identity can consist of a logo, fonts, iconography, visuals, and key art. You’ll want to ensure you create a cohesive identity that works well with the rest of your brand and continues throughout your entire customer journey. 

Together, these four areas create your entire customer experience from pre-purchase to post. When your product, organization, persona, and branding work together, your customer’s journey feels seamless and cohesive. Anything that causes friction to that experience poses a threat to your customer loyalty and needs to be eliminated. created cleanAD and cleanCART to prevent any malicious advertising or price comparison pop-ups from commandeering your customer journey, ensuring you remain in full control of your brand for the entirety of it. 

If you’re looking to take back your customer experience and protect your customer loyalty, cleanCART is here to help. Sign up for your free 14-day trial now.

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