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by Kathleen Booth, on Mar 9, 2021 9:00:00 AM

Anyone in Advertising Operations is going to have some go-to sites they use to research, get industry news, and inform best practices. There are sites for free or subscription-based Ad Ops platforms plus good ole’ Reddit threads that give you (admittedly a range of quality) information. 

The team here at includes quite a few Ad Ops vets.

Here's an overview of all of the websites we regularly hit up for the latest and greatest insights on what's happening in the Ad Ops world.

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AdOps Guide

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Reddit Ad Ops Channel

For all of your questions (and plenty you never thought to ask), you can get answers from peers and colleagues on Reddit. Just head to the /r/adops channel for threads on a wide range of topics, from troubleshooting header bidder issues, to up to date news and information on things like GDPR and the death of the third party cookie. With over 30k subscribers, you’re sure to find someone who has a reasonable answer or shared experience.


Want to see videos from past AdMonsters Publisher Forums? Get the latest news on types of ad scammers? Learn about new platforms or industry stats? AdMonsters is an Ad Ops news platform with a regularly updated site, a free newsletter, and plenty of content to keep you informed.


IAB is the Interactive Advertising Bureau. It has over 650 member groups with participants who are all digital advertising industry leaders. The site has news articles, public policy updates, compliance, an R&D consortium, training courses and digital newsletter. You can get involved by taking a course (alone or with a group), reading library resources/news articles, and earning certifications.

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What Happens In Ad Ops

Want to see some Ad Ops fails? Then sign up for the funniest #Adops emails you can find! What Happens in Ad Ops is a tongue-in-cheek platform for Ad Ops pros to find each other… and laugh together about all of the insanity the industry brings. You can sign up for the freebie newsletter, become a Patreon member, or just see the thread of trending Ad Ops memes.


Rob Beeler is an Ad Ops pro well known throughout the industry for his work as content lead at Admonsters and emcee of the Admonsters events. Now, he's branched out on his own and created Beeler.Tech, a one stop shop for content, community and conversations relating to the digital advertising industry. Head to the site to see recent job postings, join the Beeler.Tech community (including weekly Friday afternoon virtual happy hours), read Rob's articles, or browse "ID Central," the site's new resource for those navigating the change from third party cookies to new privacy-first approaches.

The Kochava Media Index

Formerly Thalamus - Digital Advertising Research, The Kovacha Media Index is a giant, web-based database that you can use to research ad buyers and ad vendors. As a global platform updated in real-time, this is a simple way to make new connections, research competitors, and learn more about the entire Ad Ops ecosystem.

Ad Ops Insider

AdOps Insider reports on Ad Ops mergers, acquisitions, and jobs, and has a research database for the latest in digital advertising and ad technology. You can see which companies are bought, sold, and funded (and when). This is especially beneficial if you’re trying to find news about smaller companies that aren’t getting a ton of outside press coverage.

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AdOp Tools

Simple Ad Ops Tools is an industry platform that has a ton of useful calculators for measuring AdOps-specific metrics. This includes calculators for things like Click Through Rate (CTR), Cost Per Engagement (CPE), Percentage Calculators, Character Counters, and more. It’s pretty simple, but handy if you need to crunch some quick numbers. It also has a UTM link builder and a URI decoder.

The Programmatic Private Marketplace Checklist

IAB's PMP Checklist is a simple download that provides a checklist form of details about the three stages of PMP transactions. Get individual items (with “progression” qualifications) for Stage 1: Consideration, Stage 2: Activation, and Stage 3: Troubleshooting. You'll find everything you need to remember in an easy to save download.

Ad Ops Insider

AdOpsInsider Guide to Charles Proxy is a thorough review of the web dev/AdOps application. Charles is used to debug digital ads. It's a simple but effective way to uncover the source of HTTP requests and scripts. This works above and beyond a standard dev tool in a browser to truly protect ad technology like ad server configurations and header bidding setups. Read the guide to get the full scoop, plus get more useful articles and tips with other Ad Ops Insider resources.


AdExchanger has daily breaking news on what’s going on with ad stacks, programmatic advertising, monetization, and more. All of the major players are reported on. Stay in the know about new hires, mergers, acquisitions, new solutions and what else is going on in the Ad Ops competitive landscape.


Adweek is a free and subscription-based platform that has all types of resources for Ad Ops professionals. These include newsletters, micro-learning opportunities, and full masterclasses. Experts on the platform regularly review major ad campaigns and provide insight into Ad Ops trends and industry shifts. It’s a great way to get more training and gain more knowledge.


Digiday has news, podcasts, events, and reporting on Ad Ops industry awards and more. You can get free content and subscription content (Digiday+). Filter by latest news or thematic material. The site covers everything from working as an Ad Ops pro, to new initiatives in the industry, to market reports.


Gigaom Paid Content is a platform with sponsored reports on the marketing landscape/latest software/new innovations in Ad Ops. It also has a blog, featured analysts that critique the industry, webinars, research articles/studies, and podcasts. It’s a pretty broad resource that has great and substantive content for Dev & Ops, AI, Analytics, Cloud Infrastructure, and of course Ad Ops teams.


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