7 Best Ecommerce Strategy Books

by Kathleen Booth, on Apr 13, 2021 9:00:00 AM

The online shopping ecosystem is constantly evolving, so whether you're just starting out with your ecommerce business, or are an industry veteran, there's always something new to learn.

As ecommerce continues to grow, staying competitive means educating yourself about the latest trends, techniques, and strategies for growing your ecommerce business. One way to do this is by reading ecommerce strategy books.

Here are some industry classics, as well as some newcomers, on the best strategies for your ecommerce business.

One-Click: Jeff Bezos and the Rise of Amazon.com

By Richard L. Brandt

One Click Jeff Bezos

Bezos became a household name by revolutionizing online shopping. He is undisputably the world leader in ecommerce, and through interviews with Amazon employees, competitors, and observers, Richard Brandt has put together a solid basic manuscript for anyone about to start their own online business.

A short read with many helpful insights on how Amazon launched into the giant it is today, "One Click" will show you the staples of the online ecosystem through the journey of the company that helped define them.

Get Rich Click! 

By Marc Ostrofsky 

Get Rich Click book

“The Ultimate Guide to Making Money on the Internet” won’t let you down. Written by American venture capitalist Marc Ostrofsky, this book is currently one of the best selling ecommerce guides on the market.

Both comprehensive and in-depth, Ostrofsky's book covers various real-world case studies on the most successful online entrepreneurs, while also offering other free online resources through QR codes printed within the book.

Scan the code and you'll be brought to interviews with the book's featured entrepreneurs and online retailers

Digital Business and E-Commerce Management

by Dave Chaffey

Digital Business and Ecommerce Management book

A true textbook on the subject of ecommerce strategy, “Digital Business and E-Commerce Management” is a one stop guide to operating a successful ecommerce business.

Expansive in its scope, while diving deep into each topic, Dave Chaffey's book not only maps out the technical fundamentals of ecommerce management and markerting, but also covers the basic workplace skills you'll need to successfully manage your business. Persons of all levels will find themselves learning something valuable from this essential text.


by Jeff Walker

Launch book

Internet veteran Jeff Walker not only built his own successful ecommerce business in the earliest days of online shopping (way back in 1996), he has also since helped start hundreds of online businesses with his Product Launch Formula. 

By focusing on a handful of real world examples, Walker takes you through the do's and don’ts of launching your products online, even if you're working with a bootstrap budget.

Don’t let the hokey title fool you, "Launch" is not a ‘get rich quick on the internet’ con, rather a helpful dive into the steps of successfully launching an online business. 

Building a Story Brand 

by Donald Miller

Building a Story Brand

"Building a Story Brand" is an essential read for anyone trying to sell products online. New York Times Bestselling author Donald Miller walks you through how to successfully market your product and business to your audience, emphasizing “clarifying your message so your customer will listen.”

By tying in comparisons to “the hero's journey” —or the techniques that make for compelling storytelling— with the modern tactics of inbound marketing, Miller outlines what it takes to engage your audience with a purposeful product.

Don’t Make Me Think

By Steve Krug

Don't Make Me Think book

Effective web design is an essential part of running your online business. "Don’t Make Me Think" has been a staple of the industry since its publication in 2000 (remaining relevant even in 2021), and has helped hundreds of developers create intuitive websites.

A quick and helpful manual that reads like a story, Steve Krug's book offers up his insights on creating a great user experience, from your website to your newsletter.

SEO for 2021

By Adam Clarke

SEO for 2021 book

Each year, internet marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) consultant Adam Clarke updates this best-selling strategy book to keep online businesses abreast of the changes to search engine algorithms and new SEO best practices.

SEO for 2021 is great for those just entering the ecommerce landscape, or those needing a refresher on the latest trends and strategies.

The Bottom Line

The list above represents the best ecommerce strategy books of 2021, but with new books coming out all the time, and changes to search engine algorithms impacting best practices, this list will change from year to year.

When putting together your reading list, start with timeless classics such as "One Click" and "Get Rich Click" and then layer in more current titles such as SEO for 2021, that will ensure you're prepared regardless of how the future of ecommerce unfolds. That's a great way to ensure you've nailed your ecommerce business strategy fundamentals while staying on top of the most recent trends.



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