9 Best Coupon Generator Apps For Your Shopify Store

by Andrew Reed, on May 5, 2021 3:30:53 PM

Coupons are a common and effective tool used to accomplish a number of marketing goals. Whether it is having customers sign up for newsletters, refer you to a friend, share your products on social media, or make a purchase, a coupon code can be a lucrative incentive to new and returning customers. 

Fortunately, if you are using Shopify for your ecommerce store, there are a number of apps that make generating coupon codes simple, quick and easy. Many of these are available in Shopify’s app store and therefore easy to install in your Shopify instance.

We rounded up some of the most popular coupon apps for Shopify users and have listed them here.

Original Wheelio spin pop‑ups

Price: $14.92/month

Make pop-ups fun while collecting valuable leads with this spin wheel discount tool. With the option to choose between a spin wheel, slot machines, or a scratch card, you can now delight your customers with your entertaining pops instead of frustrating them with standard intrusive ones. 

Wheelio Spin Wheel Pop Up

Popular reviews:

“The application is great! We've been using it for a year and a half and it's been very effective. My email list is growing day by day. The customer service is very reactive.You can go with your eyes closed”

“Love the app. Actually just installed a day ago and I've already generated enough revenue to cover the cost of it for the remainder of the year. I had some questions during set up and they were all answered in a timely manner. This app comes highly recommended from me!”

AVADA Discount Code Generator

Price: Free

Instead of creating different codes for the same markdown one by one, Avada creates an unlimited number of codes for the same discount. Simply enter the quantity you want to generate and their pattern/format and Avada will automatically produce codes you can distribute among your different customers.

AVADA Coupon Generator

Popular reviews:

“Great app, very easy to use. Been using it for a while for a couple of clients and I could say is easily the best custom discount code app out there. Support is also great” (5 stars)

“Did exactly what we needed. Very fast and straightforward app. We are happy this app doesn't require user base access or order access so we keep our customers’ privacy.” (Five Stars)

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Blocking Coupon Extensions and the Impact on Merchant Revenue


Price: Starts at $4.90/month

KartDiscount wants to help you boost your conversion rates and drag down those cart abandonments but giving customers the ability to add coupon codes on your cart page, instead of at checkout.

Customers who have codes may get confused or decide not to buy at earlier steps than the checkout page, so giving customers the ability to add them early on will increase the traffic down your sales funnel.

KartDiscount's Coupon Injector

Popular Reviews:

“This app really helps improve conversions. It does two things: (1) it shows the applied discount on the cart page, and (2) it allows customers to combine/stack both manual and automatic discounts . Store owners can control the way discounts can be combined. Customer service is generally responsive if you allow for timezone delay (they are based in India). When I discovered a bug in the app, customer service fixed it within a few days. I only have one niggle / suggestion for improvement: notifications to customers (e.g about minimum order values) are shown for only a very brief moment. It would be good if the display duration of notifications could be edited.”

“Automatic discount feature works amazing, and it's far more superior as compare to Shopify's own automatic discounts. I can dynamically decide which automatic discount should be applied. Customer can remove automatic discount and apply any discount code they have. It works with stacking, so one manual discount and one automatic discount.”

Last Second Coupon

Price: $9.99/month (7-day free trial)

Nearly two-thirds of your customers will leave your site without making a purchase. Last Second Coupon works to increase your conversion rate by offering exiting shoppers discounted items.

Customize everything from templates to cart values and page triggers, and Last Second Coupon will produce trackable metrics so you can keep tabs on how effective your campaign is.

Measurable State From Last Second Coupon

Popular Reviews:

“Great, simple and free app that does exactly what it describes. No ads or self promo watermarks. Out of 4392 pop-ups it got me 92 sales with a total of $3,772 so definitely works.”

“I really like the app, because it helps me get the eye of the people who don't sign up for a coupon. This still allows me to create an email list when they checkout using the last second coupon and the fact that it stays at the top of computer so the customer doesn't forget about it is a plus.

Bulk Discount Code Generator

Price: Free

Bulk is another great app for generating multiple codes for the same discounted rates, saving you valuable time and effort.

On top of this, using unique codes will help protect you against users abusing your coupon strategy by sharing and reusing codes.

Bulk Coupon Generator

Popular Reviews:

“Wow! Super impressed on how user friendly this app is! Created them in like 30 seconds! Definitely saved so much time and frustration creating each code manually!”

“Exactly what I needed! Thanks for making the task super easy. Manually creating the codes in bulk was a mess!”

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Leadslide Coupon Popup

Price: Free, with a $5/month upgrade available.

Leadslide is a straightforward exit-intent application that shoots to capture shoppers with discount rates as they are exiting your store. 

Customize your popups as you see fit and watch your cart abandonment rates drop with this simple and easy-to-use pop-up creator.

Leadslide Popup Template

Popular reviews:

“10 STARS!! It is so simple and functional app, that I cannot emphasize enough how cool it is, I simply love it! I only wish it had a bit more options regarding pop-ups, like specific page pop-ups, etc. I tried at least 5 apps before I tried this one so I highly advise you to test it out on your store!” 

“Works like a charm. Simple and effective! I use it mainly for exit intent and have had many customers purchase because of this app. You can customize the colors. fonts and timing etc. according to your store needs. Just be sure to make changes across all the platforms like mobile, desktop and tablet when you are updating your coupon code.”

Exclusive Discounts

Price: Starting at 19.99/month

Exclusive Discounts is a uniquely powerful coupon app in that it is able to confirm military veterans, first responders, medical workers, and students (among over a dozen more categories) in under 30 seconds.

Thank teachers and frontline workers with unique and secure discounts on your products, and rest easy that these discounts aren’t being distributed to shoppers who haven’t earned them.

Discount Verfication

Popular Reviews:

“Added this to our store today, and had everything installed within minutes (literally -- very easy!). Had one minor question and reached out to the help team, and had a reply back within about 3 minutes from an extremely knowledgeable and helpful customer service rep (thanks, Rick!). As a service member myself with a store catering to the military, I think offering a military discount is important, and having a company that's made that very easy for me to do is awesome. Time will tell how the app does and performs, etc., but for now, I'm a huge fan. Thanks guys.”

“App works phenomenally well, have been with them a long time and never had an issue. Customer service is amazing and with the add on tiers it makes them a no brainer. Thank you VerifyPass!”

Reward Reach

Price: Free with 9.97/month upgrade available.

Reward Reach offers shoppers discounts for social shares and referrals. A smart and effective way to not only entice visitors to convert on your products but also share your site and expand your brand to untapped customer bases.

Smart Coupon Generation by RewardReach

Popular Reviews:

“It works!

I must say that I had my doubts as I didn’t want to add anything to the product page that might confuse my customers but I’m very happy i did. Got around 50 sales from it so far and lots of reach. I can highly recommend”

“Honestly an amazing app. It's super simple to set up, the dashboard and installation works flawlessly, and most important of all i'm getting more sales with this app. I was actually surprised to see how much my conversion rate went up”

Birthday Reminder

Price: Starting at $10/month

Birthday Reminder is a great way to surprise and delight your customer, while also driving repeat business. At the end of a purchase, a notification appears asking for the user’s birthday so you can reach back out and offer them an exclusive deal on your site. 

This app is a wonderful way to engage your customers and make them feel appreciated on their birthday. 

Birthday Reminder Invitaion

Popular Reviews:

“I've only been using this app for a short period but so far I really enjoy it! It's really simple to use and functions as expected. I was also pleasantly surprised that the support team is quick to respond and is super helpful.” 

“I would 100% recommend this app for any business looking to connect further with their customers. The attention and details supplied by Sam and the Team at Union Works was amazing and I would have no hesitation on recommending them. We are a company based in Ireland and this app has increased our leads massively since installed. Very responsive and easy to manage!! Highly Recommended! “

Wrapping Up

Coupon codes can be a cost effective way to drive new leads, earn back customers, and build loyalty programs. But often, distributing them can be time-consuming and intrusive to your customer's experience.

Building a coupon strategy that is time effective as well as delightful to customers is key to a strong strategy that will drive sales and keep customers engaged and returning to your site.



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